To know the heart is natural and unrestrained

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The road of life is never flat bear wide, our world is actually far from his performance as beautiful.Who has learned to recognize people, to make their own road of life less bumpy, more flat.Balzac said: “You can’t take out your heart until you know everything about the other person.”Frost Zi said on human nature,” Man’s nature is evil, and his goodness is false.”Views are extreme but in terms of the truth is very real, and people really should be careful when dealing with people, to contact not deep people might as well be more wary, consider some preventive measures, for their own “into” room.After the death of general Wang Dun of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, his elder brother Wang Han felt helpless.He wanted to go to Wang Shu.Wang Han’s son, Wang Ying, was there to persuade his father to go to Wang Bin. Wang Han scolded him, “What did the general have to do with Wang Bin when he was alive?What do you think is the good of going to him?”Wang Ying replied defiantly, “That’s why The boy persuaded his father to come to him.Jiang Zhou Wang Bin is in the strong hand such as forest when hit a piece of heaven and earth, he can not snobberish, this is not common people’s knowledge can do.We must now see our decline and fall with compassion;But Wang Shu of Jingzhou has always been conservative. How could he break the rules and take us in?”Wang Ham did not listen, so he went straight to Wang Shu, wang Shu did sink wang Ham and his son in the river.When Wang Bin heard that Wang Ying and his father were coming, he quietly prepared boats to wait by the river, but he did not wait. Later, he heard that Wang Han and his son had suffered misfortune after taking shelter with Wang Shu, and felt deeply sorry.Those who bully the weak are bound to be attached to the strong;He who can restrain the strong will help the weak.Wang Ying’s words showed that he knew the world better than his father, Wang Han.Success is inseparable from a certain social environment and the people you deal with every day.A man who lives in a vacuum and keeps to himself is not intelligent, much less successful.Therefore, we have every reason to say that the success of an individual depends on his or her level of handling the world, that is, how well he or she knows people.How to deal with people?How to understand each other’s psychological activities?It’s your first lesson in life skills.Mind reading is the secret to successful relationships.People who are familiar with playing chess have such experience that if you want to win the game, in addition to knowing the pieces on the board, you must also see through the intention of the opponent’s move, and then judge the subsequent layout, in order to finally win the game.The so-called “master before and after the three steps” is about this truth.”Mind reading” is also the same, neither just look at the surface and fragments, nor just overheard a word, rashly conclude that the other party is a villain or a gentleman, perhaps this is the other party to cover up their actions and deliberately put “smoke screen”.Do remember that the human heart is not to be understood.Correctly master the “mind reading” skills, thoroughly interpret the other party’s complex inner activities, is tantamount to having a sharp and incomparable sword, enough to make you “laugh proud life”, and the world, natural and unrestrained walk everywhere.# Baoding Headlines