Spring Festival ban whip, learn to be quiet is a sign of a society gradually mature

2022-08-07 0 By

In the year of Ren Yin Hu in 2022, many areas are forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers, so that such an ancient land gradually learns to celebrate the New Year quietly, benefiting the common people on the ground, and finally can celebrate the New Year quietly.Gradually learning to be quiet is one of the important signs of a maturing society.In China’s traditional culture and education, the pursuit of “non-quiet beyond reach”, “elephant wish”, “static braking”, “such as if not moving”, are for quiet, quiet, quiet expression.That is to say, firecrackers are the product of a typical farming society.From “firecrackers” gradually evolved into “gunpowder”, and then evolved into straight into the sky “fireworks”, is to drive away ghosts, is to ward off evil spirits, is also righting, giving “bang bang bang”, “sky thunder burst”, “fire tree silver flower” too much social implication and cultural function.In the infiltration of long-term farming culture, the generation of firecrackers, the use of firecrackers, firecrackers have a profound social and folk basis.In backward production, primitive environment, in the countryside, in the streets, in the mountain cave, low thatched cottage side, firecrackers can express joy and color.And social progress development into the information age, the greenery around the garden, the neat village, the towering buildings, people are concerned about air pollution index every day in the space and time, to set off intense gunpowder, let city smoke, in the quiet, in building zhongtian ray, environmental pollution, and quiet, and personal injury, also increase the workload of city sanitation workers.Bad habits should be discarded, and we come to learn that quietness is one of the main signs of spiritual maturity in a society.(Liu Ceyuan)