China’s youngest Winter Olympic champion: Su Yiming

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China’s Su Yiming celebrates winning the men’s snowboard platform gold medal in Beijing, Feb 15, 2018.Su yiming, not yet 18 years old, also became China’s youngest Winter Olympic champion.After winning the championship, Su yiming became a hot search, with his weibo followers increasing from 100,000 to 1.5 million. More than 40 topics about Su yiming winning the gold medal were hot searched, and su Yiming became a new idol of the Chinese people.In Beijing, Su won a gold medal and a silver medal, scoring 89.50 and 93 points respectively in the first two rounds of the grand platform final.Su Yiming was born in Jilin province on February 18, 2004. He started his skiing career when he was 4 years old, and developed his interest in skiing since childhood.He became one of the world’s top skiers at the age of 14. Behind this honor is the sweat and hard work su has kept training.He broke four skis a week, whereas the average pro breaks two or three skis a month.In 2020 and 2021, Su almost won both the slopestyle and the big platform events at the official national competitions.Su Yi sound is not only a professional skier, he also starred in “the siege” of the “small emboli” role, “the kid rock” has appeared in films, TV series “beautiful snow” his royal highness, the Wolf in Beijing “Peking man” and so on a number of film and television works, also entered the list of movie and TV election, the acting is also very good.Hard work may not always lead to success, but success is never possible without hard work.What are the ingredients of success?Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming, who just turned 18, won China’s first snowboard gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics, winning one gold and one silver. We may see the answer: talent, talent, hard work, perseverance and opportunity.# Ice 2022# Su Yiming wins #