An “Olympic Fire”, the ancient City flash “New Light”

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Hunan Daily all media reporter Zhou Ti burning the Olympic torch, once again lit the Olympic passion of the ancient city.On February 3, Zhangjiakou was more “hot” than usual.A total of 215 torchbearers took part in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic torch relay on Thursday, covering a distance of 14.92 kilometers.Torch lollipop legend, cheers in the ears;Contains five point setting, leisurely meaning – YangYuan county river mud reveal “footprint” ancient archaeological site park, zhangbei village’s website vividly displayed “rural revitalization”, qiaodong industrial culture theme park “urban track” and the touching story “railway”, worship ritual area important ski resorts will “ice and snow culture” to interpret,The Great Gate of qiaoxi district is a vivid portrayal of the “great rivers and mountains” of China……Point where he went, not only to pursue the past, but also to the future.At about 16 o ‘clock on the same day, reporters arrived at the gate of dajing in the west area of the bridge, which is the last point of the torch relay in Zhangjiakou.Many citizens came to see the torch.The ancient Great Gate is one of the four gateways on the Great Wall of China.It has seen war and peace, prosperity and desolation, and now it will embrace the Olympic Games.Before the relay, on the Laiyuan Bridge outside the gate of The great Realm, a camel walked slowly along the ancient road of the Tea-horse exchange market.It is the “witness” of the starting point of this point and location transmission, and the sound of camel bell reminds people once again that Dajingmen was the starting point of zhangkugu trade road, and it is the witness of the friendly integration of ethnic groups along the Great Wall.”Celebrate the Chinese New Year and welcome the Winter Olympics!”At 5 PM, qian Jiang of the China Media Group hebei Station, the first torchbearer to carry the Olympic torch, carried the torch to the enthusiastic cheers of those in the venue. In 2015, she was the on-camera reporter who reported live on the crowd’s celebration of winning the Bid for the Winter Olympics.Qian jiang was excited to carry the torch here. “I feel honored to be here today and to be associated with the Winter Olympics again,” he said.After handing the torch safely to the second torchbearer, Qian jiang’s eyes turned red.19 torchbearers participated in the 1.59km relay, passing through the Laiyuan Bridge of Dayingmen, the inscription of “Beautiful Rivers and Mountains”, Mingdekou Street and other landmark landscapes. This relay is not only to lead everyone to experience the splendid beauty and profound history of China, but also to express China’s sincere invitation to the world on the occasion of the Winter Olympics.When Saihanba mechanical forest farm manager Chen Zhiqing took the last baton, the atmosphere reached the peak.With cheers and shouts ringing in the sky, Zhangjiakou has declared to the world that the ancient city is ready for the Opening of the Winter Olympics on February 4.It is reported that after the zhangjiakou relay, the torch will return to Beijing.Some 1,200 torchbearers will carry the torch for the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4, lighting the main torch tower at the National Stadium for an exciting winter Olympics moment.(Hunan Daily zhangjiakou, February 3) [Editor: Ouyang Lingya][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]