After collecting all the illustrations, I’d like to talk about my experience with Pokemon: Alzeus

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In fact, this game has been on sale for nearly half a month, and this time point has really caught up with the hot, mainly the old tour this weekend just completed the whole map, finally can say about this game.Treasure can dream as the world’s first big game IP, is responsible for the development of GF let players to nature is a satisfactory heavy mission, this makes bad “treasure can dream sword and shield, and the treasure can dream: pearl/diamond replica” criticism by many, but sales of high let players, including the old article swim, can’t help but began to feel, GF can lay to make money: why do you want to stand up.Perhaps because of conscience, or because of the criticism of the past two or three years, under the foundation of a number of pull-span works, “Pokemon: Alzeus” finally burst out.This time the story takes place in the xicui region where there is still a serious estrangement between early humans and Pokemon.To explore the habits of various Pokemons and the possibility of living in harmony with humans, the people of Chittri formed the Galaxy team and developed an early version of the Ball.This is when you fall through a rift in time and, as a Pokemon master who has played countless games, you are entrusted with the task of completing 242 Pokemon quests.If you haven’t played any of the other series, there are only 240 of them. If you have a sword and shield save, you will get an extra Shami, and if you have a pearl and diamond save, you will get an extra Ducklay.(Don’t ask me how the flash Dacray came about, it was a friend who sent it to me.) First of all, it makes sense to collect and capture a Pokemon in this context, including the level requirements for the pokemon.But one of the oddity of this worldview is that the people of this village have not evolved to the level of companionship with Pokemon.Most of them are tool people or livestock production objects, such as small fist stones pressing pickle jars, catching three bees to produce honey, water rock system pokemon to farm, and people in the village would like to use some garbage props to exchange pokemon when they see me having Pokemon, etc. It’s different people’s opinion. Anyway, old You Tiao is a little hard to accept.Pokemon Thunder meet monsters is GF in these games to make a major change, with the unique sandbox map nature of Alzeus, even if you lose part of the mystery of dark thunder, but brush flash, brush Lord and encounter new Pokemon play is not interesting.In addition to the story, pokemon Go can be played without a battle, which also meets the needs of players who have been trying to catch Pokemon for years.In order to flash, you have to raise all the pokemon research levels to Level 10, which is a lot more work than the previous “just grab it,” but it keeps the overall feeling fresh and keeps the player excited about taking over Pokemon.Are the souls of the nerved battle and the new system Pokemon fighting or collecting?In fact, you will have a new experience in Alzeus, because the background setting of the game neither dojo challenge, also no opponent MAO, only a relatively strong fighting villain.After playing the whole game, you will find that the battle has been axed quite a bit, and there is no online battle in this game, which is quite a big change.According to the world view, the origin of Pokemon has not developed to the point of national war, let alone there will be no juvenile insect catcher, fisherman and other idle people, forced participation is really strange;In GF’s words, “We haven’t figured out what to do yet.”Two new combat features have been added to this match: “Swift” and “fierce”.After mastering a move, Pokemon can release abilities in one of two ways, with lower damage but early next turn, and higher damage but later next turn.Is existing in the game play, this is not what is hard to understand the points, mainly in the play with NPCS, when “prompt” defeated the enemy with a round we treasure can in a dream, a treasure of even if I can dream in speed ahead, he will still be the second round of the “art” screens, or his round,But when it came to my zoom, there was no second round, which was baffling.Another interesting addition is the new Pokemon pacifying system, or as Tokusatsu fans call it, “Fuck the monster with the flesh.”The player is able to dodge pokemon go’s onslaught with the help of rolling frames, and is able to calm them down with whatever they like to eat.It’s fun to play, but GF’s skill really sucks, making all action-related gameplay pretty cheap.It’s a pity that the monotonous action mode and action of the 7 bosses, including 5 map bosses, luca, the god of creation, and Alzeus, who can choose their own actions later, can not fully play the advantages of this mode.At the same time, the old tour also felt inexplicable discomfort, the key is two words: cheap, full of cheap feeling filled with the whole game.Think about it. Breath of the Wild was made five years ago. Five years later, a game with the same engine, the world’s largest IP, is shown to players with cheaper graphics than the game of years ago.Players often say that Unlike Zelda, Pokemon is basically forced to make a game in a year, so GF doesn’t have too much time to polish, but at least the reproduction is also outsourced, based on the sword and shield 2 years is enough to upgrade the modeling.In addition, there is a point, is ugly, put a picture to the player’s own feelings, the old swim bar a little spray can not move.But fortunately, this is actually a lot of progress, let players see that the production attitude does not seem to be bad, but the most important thing is, will this form adopted for the first time continue to the next few generations, and gradually upgraded to the ideal world of Pokemon?This by a change derived from the flowers of hope, I believe that will also promote GF forward to some extent.