13 centenarians receive “Harmonious Renrui Award” from Shanghai Yunxiang Temple

2022-08-07 0 By

Shanghai hopes to promote a “harmonious and harmonious” family culture by rewarding families with centenarians.Photo by Yan Junshan/China News Service, Shanghai, February 15 (Reporter Chen Jing) Today is the Traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, 13 centenarians won the Yunxiang Temple in Shanghai traditional public welfare charity project “Harmonious renrui award”.The oldest of them is 106-year-old Shen Zhushan, who has won for the fifth time.102-year-old Chen Yuying, accompanied by her family, went to the Yunxiang Temple in Shanghai to receive the award.Other family members were also invited to receive the award.On the same day, Chen Yuying, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, dressed in festive costumes, came here.She was hale and hearty, her face beaming.The elderly said that their health and longevity is related to peace of mind, daily life and proper diet on the one hand, and more importantly, a harmonious family atmosphere and a happy family.The son said that his family is a big family of five generations, although they live separately, but the “harmonious, harmonious” family style continues.Extended family members care for and take care of each other and get together on New Year’s day and festivals.102-year-old Chen Yuying came to receive the award.On the day yan Junshan took the photo, Shanghai Yunxiang Temple not only sent a banner with the Chinese character “Longevity” to each centenarian, but also prepared delicious vegetarian vegetarian dishes and cakes for them.Zhu Jianzhong, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of jiading District Committee of the Communist Party of China and director of the Office of the District Folk Sect, said: “One hundred years of life is auspicious.The number of centenarians in our society is not only a good sign for every family, but also a sign of a harmonious society.”Master Hui Chan, the founder of the “Harmonious Renrui Award” in Shanghai Yunxiang Temple, told reporters that the award was first established in 2007, but was suspended for two times in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19. Now it has been awarded 14 times, with a total of 70 winners.This year is the most ever for centenarians.Master Hui Chan said the original purpose of the award was to promote “harmony and harmony” by rewarding families with centenarians.When all families are “harmonious”, society is “harmonious”.(after)