Shijiazhuang city released the list of the first batch of science and technology projects in 2022

2022-08-06 0 By

In order to mobilize the whole society to overcome the “bottleneck” technical problems of industrial development in Shijiazhuang, and promote the transformation and industrialization of major scientific and technological achievements, shijiazhuang Science and Technology Bureau has released the list of the first batch of science and technology projects of the year 2022, inviting the whole society to unveil the list.The list, a total of 28 projects of science and technology, the research class 21 items, including achievements class seven, centered on a new generation of electronic information, biological medicine, advanced equipment manufacturing, modern food, such as shijiazhuang leading industry overall planning, guidance to the enterprises become the subject innovation requirements, research and development spending and achievements be born subject, high quality and economic development.This batch of science and technology projects of “unveiling the list” system can be divided into the following three categories.The major technology requirements are mainly put forward by enterprises in Shijiazhuang city, and the list is revealed by qualified universities, scientific research institutions and science and technology enterprises at home and abroad with research and development capabilities.Achievements transformation is mainly proposed by domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and new research and development institutions with significant scientific and technological achievements, and is carried out by enterprises in Shijiazhuang that have requirements for achievements, application scenarios and meet the application conditions to carry out achievements promotion, transformation and application.Technology transfer institutions Introduce competition mechanism for new generation electronic information, biomedicine, equipment manufacturing, modern food leading industry and traditional advantage industries such as new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection in Shijiazhuang, and open selection of 5 technology transfer institutions at home and abroad.It is reported that interested parties should combine the specific needs of the list project and their own capabilities, after the list is released, take the initiative to contact and negotiate with the demand units, refine and implement the specific content of cooperation, and formulate the feasibility plan for project implementation.Reporter zhao Yi