2022 Baby boom?Fines for having more than one child will be abolished, and incentives for having three children are expected to increase

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Some time ago, our National Census Bureau reported a net increase of 480,000 for 2021, which is a net increase of 480,000 births and deaths.After seeing this number, people feel that the number is still growing, not panic, why so many people panic?First of all, the net increase in the number of people may be far less than 480,000, because those who died did not close their accounts in time, and those who were born were registered immediately. Do you think the 480,000 will be enough to cover the number of deaths?It’s hard!In 2020, the birth rate in China dropped below 1%, but in 2021, it will be even lower than that in 2020, the highest in nearly 70 years. This also shows that people are not willing to have children. The reasons are as follows:The first reason is that during the pandemic, vaccination was the reason. Many people got vaccinated and postponed their pregnancy plan, and most of the children born in 2022 were conceived in 2021. Due to the nationwide vaccination, many people postponed their pregnancy, so fewer are expected to be born this year.However, in my opinion, these reasons brought by the epidemic may have short-term impact, but they are not the fundamental problem.The age of marriage and childbearing of men and women has been greatly delayed, bearing children brings all aspects of the burden and the concept of childbearing has been far from the farming society, so the following reasons are key!The second reason for burden is too heavy, in the past, when population growth is very fast, but the price is not high, at that time in those years house tens of thousands of block a, 300 pieces of a semester, the students a dollar to eat a meal, salary is little, but really hold up, now the cost of living is too high, wages not prices rose faster, is more important to improve the quality of life of the existing population,Life is good, the increase in population is a natural thing.The third reason is that women are afraid of unemployment. The education fee in first-tier and second-tier cities is two million per child. If there are more children, they must change to a big house.If not, the current reading volume, employment volume, do you think the child is willing to bear such a big pressure and burden in the afterlife?The original intention of every parent to give birth to a child is by no means to let him suffer and roll. If a minimum of medium quality is not available, the child needs to run double, or to live a good life, not disorderly birth is a parent’s responsibility and minimum morality.Financial pressures are one thing, of course, as is marriage.Modern women are more independent in spirit and economy. They are thinking about what marriage brings to women.Widowhood marriage, single parenting, which woman is brave enough to have a second or even a third child?As a result of the above reasons, many people do not want to have a second child nowadays. After having a third child, even the fertility rate of the first child is declining.But with the development of society, we will not only have to face the aging problem, in the near future our country 60 years old and above the elderly population is expected to exceed 300 million, accounting for more than 20% of the total population, at the same time we also need to face some enterprises can not recruit people this problem!It is because of the seriousness of the situation that authorities have begun to release the “baby” policy, which is to encourage having children!We will cancel the restriction measures on the maintenance fee, and actively introduce a series of supporting measures, including the double reduction policy mentioned in 2021, including the individual income tax deduction for the maintenance of children under three years old, and encourage all local governments to actively introduce corresponding policies to support the three Taiwan!For example, fujian province recently issued a new policy, that is, the abolition of the penalty for having more than one child, the main purpose is to cater for the withdrawal of the three-child policy. It can also be seen that various localities have corresponding plans to encourage having children!There are also some places like last year for children under three years old, every month will provide four to five hundred yuan of nutrition, some companies have certain incentives for giving birth to children.Therefore, THE author believes that with the arrival of 2022, there will be more incentives to have children, and the rewards will continue to increase, the main purpose is to reduce the cost burden of all aspects of having children.In the future, both subsidies for children in all aspects will increase, and for women to have children, their jobs will also have certain security, so we must be optimistic about the next increase in fertility!