Why xiaopeng P7 won the title of “New energy god car”?The answer is now public

2022-08-05 0 By

In recent years, the development of the new energy vehicle industry has officially entered the fast lane, and more and more large manufacturers have entered the strong march, making the competition of the new energy vehicle circle increasingly fierce.Among them, the three giants of new power of car manufacturing that have already gained a firm foothold in the market seem not to be affected too much, but still play stably. Xiaopeng Automobile, in particular, has a particularly good performance in 2021, winning the top position of new power with one fell move, which has been praised by both inside and outside the industry.In December 2021, xiaopeng’s total delivery volume is as high as 16,000 units, and the total annual delivery volume reached 98155 units, which is one of the highest sales volume among the new power brands. Throughout xiaopeng’s models, xiaopeng P7 is the most sales volume and plays the biggest role, with 7459 units delivered in December.The annual delivery volume of 60,569 units, highlighting the strength of the “new energy god car”, so, how did it do it?The answer is in two words: strength.As a well-known all-round player, Xiaopeng P7 is extremely delicate in appearance level, especially in front FACE. Xiaopeng P7 adopts ROBOT•FACE, which is designed by the family, and has a sense of future and science and technology.Among them, the visual center should be the headlamp design of Xiaopeng P7, which is inspired by the laser vision of “Future Men” and the lightsaber in “Star Wars”, so it is the “lamp belt” throughout. The layout of the near and far light lamp and the position lamp is also different, and the separated design is adopted to show the vehicle’s smart texture.In terms of intelligence, Xiaopeng P7 also performs quite well. Taking intelligent interconnection as an example, the full-scene voice of Xiaopeng P7 is well received, and the average daily usage rate in 2020 is as high as 93.2%.”Hello, P,” after waking up the voice assistant, we can instruct P to do a lot of things, and P also supports continuous commands, without repeating the wakeword, it can understand and implement multiple commands.In addition, the voice broadcast when P is talking with us can be interrupted at any time, which is convenient for us to issue new commands.When using voice control, there is no need to worry about the voice interference of the first officer. Little P can recognize the two-tone area, and when the master driver wakes up little P, little P will ignore the instructions of the first officer, which is smart and considerate.In addition, xiaopeng P7’s intelligent driving assistance strength is also a major highlight.After upgrade system, we can begin to experience the NGP happiness, it can be highly precise maps of highway and urban expressway intelligent overtaking, intelligent speed regulation, smart, intelligent and switch freeway on-ramp of functions such as, in other words, after open the function, basic need not bother to manipulate their vehicle, we have lighter?In a word, in the increasingly competitive new energy market, Xiaopeng P7 can always occupy a leading position and defend the majesty of “god car”, just because of its strength.Whether it is the appearance of science and technology, the intelligent and thoughtful voice assistant, P, or the perfect high-speed assistant, NGP, all perfectly meet the needs of prospective car owners. It is surprising that such an ace car is not popular.