Ma Yun, Ma Huateng lost, only money and flow is not enough, Lei Jun wins in the pattern

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Which company is the most successful in the development of ecological chain enterprises?What’s your answer?Alibaba?Tencent?Huawei?Admittedly, the ecological development of these companies is also successful, but the “most successful” label is xiaomi.In the early stage of the development of Xiaomi ecological chain, the outside world is not optimistic, because Xiaomi ecological chain is very concerned about some “ant market”, but for giant enterprises, these “ant meat” is not enough teeth, no one is willing to do, but Xiaomi’s ecological chain experiment is started from these tracks.May be a lot of people will have doubts, ma Yun and Ma Huateng obviously money money, to flow flow, why but dry Lei Jun?Although Alibaba and Tencent have money and traffic, they can only provide money and traffic to eco-chain enterprises. Xiaomi is different.In the early stage of development, Xiaomi provides eco-chain companies with output in addition to money and traffic, as well as talents, channels, supply chain and values.Once all ecological chain enterprises have the recognition of values, they can work together. Xiaomi ecological chain is a big family, and we are Allies, so we can share the interests.The reason why Xiaomi ecological chain can be so united is also because the founders of early ecological chain companies are basically Friends of Lei Jun or friends of Lei Jun’s friends. People who can become friends naturally have three views.Of course, in addition to these factors, the success of millet ecological chain and lei Jun’s big pattern also has a great relationship.The only purpose of the development of giant companies like Alibaba and Tencent is to make money, but Lei jun does not think so.In his opinion, the original intention of Xiaomi’s ecological chain is to increase the value of users’ traffic and improve xiaomi’s brand image.Making money is only the ability of “incidentally” things, not the main purpose.It is because of this attitude that The Xiaomi ecological chain will seize the “ant market” that no one pays attention to as the main track, and at the same time copy the “Xiaomi model”, which is the success of the Xiaomi ecological chain.Of course, no matter how close the relationship is, there are also conflicts. With the rapid development of Xiaomi’s ecological chain, there is malicious competition between ecological chain companies.But this is where “value identification” comes into play, which is not solved by the money and traffic provided by Alibaba and Tencent.Tell a small story, Millet ecological chain enterprises have happened to dig each other things, make unpleasant.Later, the founders of some eco-chain companies issued an “ultimatum” to the HR staff of their own companies — “It is better to dig xiaomi than to move the staff of brother companies”.Although the market is like a battlefield, and there is a saying that “there are no permanent Allies, only permanent interests”, but the relationship of Xiaomi ecological chain has been quite good.Of course, value identification is the key, Lei Jun played a key role.What do you think?