“Healthy New Year protection” away from the epidemic how to do?Traditional Chinese medicine has its magic tricks for prevention and control

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We must not forget the epidemic prevention and control.When visiting friends and relatives, remember that communication begins with contempt.Novel coronavirus is not terrible, traditional Chinese medicine prevention methods.Combined with practice and season, prevention and control guidelines help.When confronted with problems, don’t worry
Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine “big pot soup” to help you
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Recommend Chinese medicine to drink up, advance prevention has confidence.There are suggestions for home protection.To fumigate the sachets, use the fragrance to clear the air.Exercise diet should be reasonable, traditional techniques are suitable for you.There are tricks to acupoint health care, disease prevention and healthy qi.Adjust chang mood shu Xinqi, daily life has often good body.If you want to have a good weather for the New Year, the most important thing is anti-virus.Human contact should be reduced and the protection process should be firm.To prevent thousands of viruses, masks are the first thing to wear.Daily do not rely on the crowd, the home to ensure ventilation.As Sichuan is on the front line of fighting the epidemic, TCM has good medicine for prevention and control.Boil into the cauldron soup, home prevention effect is strong.Health care do daily exercise, do not forget the traditional exercise.Comprehensive personal protection, mutual understanding and fight together;Find abnormal to report, happy and auspicious year of the Tiger.Long press to identify the QR code
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