Blue Friend teaches you to stay away from “Fat Humpty Dumpty”

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Last time, we walked into the Blue Friends gym and we felt the enthusiasm for training. Did you get to work out with them? What?You don’t know where to start?Here comes the tutorial!Today, fujian Forest Fire Brigade “blue friends” personal demonstration fitness action to teach you to get rid of “fat dundun” practice “strong and strong” secret one:Pull-up pull-up is one of the most classic and effective training methods to strengthen the muscles of the back, especially in the case of the use of wide grip, can better stimulate the back, adhere to the pull-up training, can significantly increase the muscle volume of the arm, enhance the muscle strength of the back.Exercise site: latissimus dorsi, teres major, deltoid posterior cord, trapezius muscle.Main points of action: at the beginning, hold the equipment with a wide distance between your hands, lift your feet off the ground, and stretch your arms naturally.Use the latissimus dorsi muscle contraction force to pull the body up, when the bar is over the single bar pause, rest for one second, the latissimus dorsi muscle contraction completely.Then gradually relax the latissimus dorsi muscles and let the body descend slowly until it is fully sagging again. Repeat.If necessary, hook barbell tablets on the waist for weight.Note: Control your breathing rhythm.In the pull-up need to pay attention to the body when inhaling, sagging when exhaling, not for a long time hold your breath.When causing upward training, pay attention to focus on the latissimus dorsi muscle, pull the body as high as possible, do not let the body swing, pendulous feet do not touch the ground.Secret book two: sit-ups the main effect of sit-ups is to enhance the strength of abdominal muscles.Sit-ups can not only improve the elasticity of abdominal muscles, but also protect the back and improve posture.Do sit-ups can stretch back muscles, ligaments, spine, etc., can adjust the central nervous system.Exercise parts: abdominal muscle, psoas muscle.Main points of action: in sit-ups, remember not to buckle the head with your hands, only to put them next to your ears, moderate movement.As you stand up, move your hands toward your knees, relax your neck and shoulders, keep your head straight, separate your chin from your chest, use your abdominal muscles, and slowly lift your shoulders away, breathing in and out.Notes: 1. Gradually increase the number of repeated sit-ups.After each sit-up, stand up or lie down to relax your abdominal muscles for at least 10 minutes.2. Do sit-ups slowly.Sit-ups are mainly aimed at training the endurance of abdominal muscles. Therefore, only slowly carry out the exercise of sit-ups can train the endurance of abdominal muscles.Spinning training spinning can improve the heart and lung function, exercise the lower limb muscles and enhance the whole body endurance, this exercise not only makes the lower limb hip, knee, ankle 3 pairs of joints and 26 pairs of muscles benefit, but also can make the neck, back, abdomen, arm, waist, groin, hip and other muscles are exercised.Exercises: leg muscles, obliques, buttocks.Action essentials: before getting on the car, first of all to decide the height of the seat, usually this height to their standing on the ground, raise the thigh, and the ground water usually height shall prevail;Then the seat position to determine the handlebar position, hand on the handlebar in the most front, elbow on the most suitable position;The handlebars can also rise or fall depending on the size of the rider.Precautions: 1. Avoid supporting the handlebars with both arms.Remind yourself to hold the handlebars easily and keep your weight on the foot, not on the handlebars.2, knee and elbow joints can not be buckled.When you’re on a spinning bike and your elbows buckle in, you’re pushing too hard.The correct state should be the elbow naturally relaxed, showing a natural physical bend.3, the force should be uniform.Most people used to pedal hard when riding a bike, like to pedal hard when down, up rest.In fact, pressing down on the pedal weakens the muscle tissue of the legs, calves and biceps, so less power is transmitted while riding. The thighs are particularly prone to fatigue, so apply even pressure.Backpedalling machine is one of the common fitness equipment, mainly used for exercising thigh muscles, which can make muscles thicker, enhance muscle strength and shape muscle lines. It is a basic leg training tool.At the same time, the stirrup machine also has a certain effect on the exercise of the hip muscles.Exercise parts: gluteus maximus, gastrocnemius, soleus, quadriceps.Main points of action: first sit on the backpedal muscle, the back of the pad, feet on the backpedal muscle, on the basis of the conventional foot position and then step up, the hip joint slightly external rotation.The movement process is slow and uniform, each duration is 2-4 seconds, repeat 8-10 times, pay attention to adjust the breath.Precautions: 1. Do not have a gap between the waist and the cushion, otherwise it will lead to lumbar bearing.2. Keep your knees and heels in a straight line, and don’t buckle them inwards or too open.3. Make sure the motion is consistent, don’t pause, let the knees lock.// Tips // Blue friends small Tips1, every day to ensure one hour of fitness time 2, work and rest regular diet, combined with aerobic training 3, high intensity, targeted, strong body training!This exercise method also gave you to practice it quickly supervisor: Li Zhaojun author: Zheng Xin