Ali will set up self-owned flagship stores;Rumor has it that Viya will make a comeback;Starbucks raises Prices in Morketing Weekly 174

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You can scan the code at the bottom of the article to enter the group.According to late LatePost, Alibaba’s BUSINESS-to-consumer retail business is opening a flagship tmall store for big brands, starting with the 3C category and launching soon via a revamped Mobile Tmall App, which will be renamed “Enjoy Cat”.Although there is overlap between the self-operated flagship store of Maoxiang and the official flagship store of Tmall, the goods supply and operation mode are different.The ownership of goods in tmall’s official flagship store still belongs to the brand, which delivers goods directly to consumers.The ownership of goods in maoxiang’s self-operated flagship store belongs to the platform, and the platform directly delivers goods to consumers through payment from brand merchants.One person described the official and owner-operated flagship stores to the platform as “like wet markets and owner-operated supermarkets.”For vegetable markets, the platform only needs to manage small vendors, not radish and cabbage.Their own supermarkets need to pay attention to every item.The “Cat Enjoy” project will be launched at the end of 2021, led by Zhao Kun (name: Empty), general Manager of FC Business Division.In October 2021, Tmall supermarket and import and export business group were upgraded to B2C retail business group, and FC Business Division was formed by the integration of the former Kaola Overseas Shopping Business Division and the former Mobile Tmall Business Division.Previously, Alibaba has begun to try its own business in addition to the platform model taobao and Tmall, represented by Tmall Supermarket and Hema.When B2C retail business group was established, Ali said that this means that Ali set up self-supporting business of equal scale outside tao Department, “to exaggerate a bit, Ali is copying a JINGdong”.Will Viya make a comeback?Recently, “net pass” viya is seeking a comeback.Specifically, the source is 36KR, which said it learned from multiple independent sources that Viya is seeking a comeback, or no later than March this year on Taobao.The article also mentioned that an industry insider said that Weiya’s store will resume online in Taobao, the future will still be in the form of live work, account name and fans will not change.The post has since been deleted.There are two main reasons for the controversy.First, according to former employees of Qiancun, after Viya went off the air in December last year, its live broadcast team did not disband or lay off staff, but resumed work after a week’s holiday, and currently serves other anchors temporarily.Second, on February 12, the co-broadcast and model of Viya’s team was broadcasted on a new live channel named “Bee Surprise Society”. The first live channel was watched by more than 1 million people, with more than 260,000 fans overnight.It is reported that the name of the account is not only very similar to “Weiya Surprise Club”, but also very similar to the style of the selection.Related: Will Viya Make a comeback?Why is Starbucks raising prices in the middle of a storm?On February 16, many users said on social media that starbucks had raised the price of some products today.According to the official Starbucks APP, the prices of many products, including Americano and latte, have been raised by 1-2 yuan.Starbucks customer service responded that the pricing adjustment is only for some drinks and food, which is based on a comprehensive evaluation and consideration of operating costs and other factors.Earlier, a netizen posted that “Chongqing Starbucks advised police to leave to eat in front of the store”, which caused a hot debate.Screenshots posted online showed a starbucks employee complaining to a police officer who had eaten half of the meal, saying it would “affect the brand image”.Then, the next day, Starbucks China announced the verified facts to the public, “At around 5pm on February 13, four police officers came to the store, and the store arranged them to have dinner in the outdoor guest area.Later, there were other customers who wanted to eat in the outdoor dining area, so there was a misunderstanding in communication between the store partner and the police when they were coordinating seats due to inappropriate language, “he said.However, starbucks’ statement was not well received by netizens, who even called it “arrogant”.Subsequently, the store involved in the rare customer, there are many people sent ghost money, chrysanthemum, the door was thrown broken eggs.It’s no surprise that coffee prices are going up — fruits and vegetables are going up too — but why would Starbucks choose to raise prices?Why Would Starbucks raise its price when it’s up 1-2 Yuan?Marketing business ecological | sys advertisers dynamic byd new logo, netizen: millet with designer?On February 17, BYD Group announced a new logo for its brand, as well as for its BYD cars.The new logo has not changed much from the original logo in terms of color, font and graphics.Some netizens questioned byd’s choice of “xiaomi designer” this time.Byd official said, byd group’s new logo, on the basis of retaining the very passionate red and ring, through the round frame lines, font details are adjusted, the original font sharp Angle is changed to more mathematical beauty of rounded corners;At the same time, the whole is more rounded and generous, showing a sense of affinity and openness, realizing the perfect combination of technical aesthetics and humanistic feelings, highlighting byd’s “people-oriented” concept, and the determination to use technology to solve social problems and create a better life for mankind.Related: BYD unveils new logoTianyan App shows that recently, Nai Snow tea associated company Shenzhen Pindao Catering Management Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of a number of “Nai Snow life” trademarks, international classification involving catering, accommodation, wine, clothing, shoes and hats, convenience food, etc., the current status of trademarks are under application.South Korean beauty group AmorePacific Group announced key financial figures for its 2021 fiscal year ended Dec. 31, with sales up 8% from a year earlier to 5.3 trillion won, beating analysts’ expectations of 5.17 trillion won.Net profit was 292 billion won (1.6 billion yuan), up 1224 percent from 2020.On February 15, Guo Jin, chairman and CEO of Luckin Coffee, released an internal letter to luckin’s 20,000 employees, showing that luckin opened 360 new stores in January, setting a new record for luckin in a single month.Store sales during the Week-long holiday were three times higher than the same period last year.On February 15, OPPO released the NFT digital collection for the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger.According to reports, with the support of the underlying technology of blockchain, the small Buhu Spring Festival God beast series digital collection has a unique serial number and ownership information on the tree graph chain, which can not be tampered with or copied to ensure its uniqueness and scarcity.Assistant Boudoin also revealed that he may open up the community of boudoin universe in the future, and let users participate in the governance, and fully stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of community users.China Post has launched a trial operation of the country’s first post Office coffee shop in Xiamen, offering coffee, tea, desserts and coffee near post offices.Coffee and tea are priced between 20 and 40 yuan.The store can provide two kinds of service: pick – up and home delivery.This year will also be in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen layout of new stores.As early as the year before last, China Post established the brand “Youyang tea”, which entered the tea brewing circuit, focusing on health tea drinks, and also selling medlar lattes, turtle jelly and so on.Google’s announcement on Feb. 17 that it will keep a tracking technology that advertisers rely on on Android phones for two years greatly eased the anxieties of advertisers around the world.Google had already made plans to eliminate third-party cookies in Chrome to protect competition and user privacy.Related reading:On The morning of February 14th, Miha Announced the launch of a new brand, HoYoverse, which aims to provide immersive virtual world experiences to gamers around the world.The target market is the current hot metasverse track.The new brand’s co-founder and CEO is Mihayou co-founder Choi Ho-yu, who is also the producer of games from Bad School 2 to Bad School 3 to Original God.Bytedance’s cross-border women’s clothing website Dmonstudio has been shut down, financial doodle reported. The announcement did not give the reason.Dmonstudio’s operator, guangzhou chuangxing media technology co., LTD., was founded on February 26, 2021, and the platform was officially launched in November 2021. Sources have pointed out that the project previously belonged to the s-class bytedance and reported directly to douyin e-commerce president kang zeyu.There was no response to this byte.Tencent has launched a new service, XR, and started internal recruitment (that is, transferring posts across departments within the company).Tencent said XR business is the company to deal with quanzhen Internet and vigorously build a new business, the goal is to build a world-class hard technology team under the leadership of industry leaders, fighting for the next ticket in the hard technology era.The business focuses on the layout of the full-link XR ecosystem, including XR devices on the hardware side, perceptual interaction technology on the software side, and content and developer ecosystem on the content and industry side.Lighthouse, the lightweight application server of Tencent Cloud, has launched a “lightweight” solution for cross-border e-commerce, effectively helping the corresponding scene.At present, Tencent Cloud Lighthouse has covered Asia Pacific, North America, Southeast Asia, Europe and other overseas regions, and launched exclusive packages for cross-border e-commerce to help platform sellers and independent users expand cross-border business.Recently, Tencent Cloud Lighthouse also launched enterprise-type packages for enterprise users, providing solutions with higher configuration and high cost performance such as 4-16-core CPU, which better meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.Recently, the promotion function of “Like” has been upgraded again. Merchants can promote wechat small programs to toutiao, Douyin and other platforms through links.In addition, in the wechat ecosystem, businesses can also promote their products in the circle of friends, communities and wechat public accounts through the link of the like mini program.Within bytedance’s ecosystem, links to “like” apps can be embedded in toutiao content, toutiao comment section, Toutiao personal center, and private messages from Toutiao and Douyin.Data report | | insight into the Adobe digital trends 2022 report: the company will invest 2022 customer experience in response to the outbreak of the emerging digital consumer and a surge of online interaction, Asia Pacific enterprises is expected in 2022 leading investment customer experience.However, companies in the region are also aware that the gap between key skills and capabilities can be their biggest obstacle in delivering top-notch services and experiences to digitally first consumers.”Digitization has reshaped the way consumers in Asia Pacific think, and companies that have adapted agile digital thinking, driven purposeful collaboration, and accelerated value realization have benefited,” said Duncan Egan, vice president of Digital experience marketing, Asia Pacific & Japan, Adobe.”Companies that overcome organizational and technological silos and facilitate collaboration across departments can drive more meaningful customer experiences that are personalized, real-time, and relevant, and can be connected across all channels.”According to Adobe’s newly released digital Trends 2022:Over the past 18 months, 77% of companies in the Asia-Pacific region have seen a significant increase in new customer acquisition through digital channels, and 77% have observed a brand new customer journey, but only 25% believe they have deep insight into these new digital-first customers, according to Focus on Asia Pacific.On February 16, IClick Group, China’s leading enterprise digital operation and marketing cloud platform, officially released the “SaaS+X, 2022 IClick Digital Operation White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as the white Paper).Aiclick revealed to Morketing that there was an important cognitive upgrade in this White Paper, which first proposed two new fulcrum in digital operations: SaaS and X.SaaS stands for technology tools and X stands for value-added services.Why this big upgrade?Because in the process of enterprise digital operation, the improvement brought by the tool level has reached the limit, technology is impossible to solve all problems, even the core problems.No matter how good a technology tool is, it also needs to match the business needs. Employees cannot use it well, lack operation methodology, and it is difficult to give full play to its value.Therefore, IClick regards “SaaS+X” as the breaking point of digital operation in the White Paper, which introduces in detail the application cases of “SaaS+X” mode in content construction, precise investment flow, distribution transformation and private domain operation scenarios.A large number of brands accelerated digital transformation, with more than 70% increasing their online marketing investment in 2021, while less than 15% reduced this investment.The investment of less than 5 million accounted for nearly 50%, and more than 30% of mature brands established more than 10 years ago invested more than 50 million.Last year, brand marketing investment on The three major platforms of Douyin, Xiaohongshu and Taobao increased significantly, with more than 70% of brands choosing Douyin to focus on investment. Short video, e-commerce and content platform have become the main touch points of online marketing.”Private domain” has been repeatedly mentioned in the brand’s future marketing plan, and more than 10% of brands have the intention of prioritizing the investment of marketing budget in this channel.38% of the merchants think that the online marketing effect in 2021 is basically in line with expectations, but 45% of the merchants think that the online marketing effect is not as good as expected, showing a basically mixed trend.Welcome to scan code into group END