“Sick charming bridegroom toxic” belly black concealed disguised as a pig to eat tiger small figure hooking up white rich beauty of the upper history

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Book fans, I heard that we are in a book shortage recently, do not know what to read, what to look good, do not panic!Xiaobian today to recommend a good novel for everyone, people set eye, compact plot, IQ appearance level double online, good to see can not stop, absolutely not shortage of books!Keep a collection if you like.Today xiaobian recommended: “sick Jiao’s son-in-law is toxic” belly black hide disguised as a pig to eat tiger small figure hooking up white rich beauty of the upper history.The first: “chuai turn disease jiao husband gentleman” author: Mountain yan Yan introduce: pass through pass through, a pass through will get married, also marry non person really can’t bear.Too bad husband?And from the bai!Sister too mean?Tidy up bai!Is the king too evil?Escape ah ha!But there was no escape, she shivered looking at the king who stopped her way, “Lord, there are thousands of women in the world, who want to be your princess from the emperor Beijing to the country road, you are not poor me this one.”Into the pit guide: to be an seven xuan disappeared in the crowd, hidden in the shadows of the guards to appear: “the phase house two young lady, and rumors are not the same.”Ann seven xuan as a phase wife, she is weak, no talent without virtue is known, in the house is not disliked.Her unpopularity at court was a real, cowardly word, which, as I had seen her at several meetings, did not seem to belong to her at all.Ann seven xuan and Li Shuxian divorced that night, her eyes did not blink, don’t put the world’s opinion of her in the eye.She is resolute and resolute, especially tough, the neither humble nor pushy four words to show incisively and vividly, above which point and hearsay Ann seven Xuan have no relation.”This is just the beginning.Come now, we must return to the palace, or the Father will give us another lecture.”Ann seven xuan returned to the house alone, the sun also hung high in the horizon of cloudless, did not expect this trip out will come back so fast.The memory in the mind of her digestion to seven seven eight eight, in fact Ann Seven Xuan’s memory and no great event.It is all in the phase of the house to be bullied the miserable eyes, in addition to the people of the house, do not even know a few people, grow up to fifteen years old, see and hear little pitiful, which also directly lead to Ann Seven Xuan on the world of information access to little and little.Whether it is out of the house or back to the house, Ann Seven Xuan are not willing to go through the garden, but the garden is the only way to the backyard.Last time through the garden ran into Ann rhyme that, Ann seven Xuan is not afraid of people, just day by day, very tired.Ann seven Xuan would rather take the knife to fight, do not want to do meaningless struggle with the mob.They were so fond of doing such nonsense that they had to talk about it and not do it. If they were killed, they would never see the sun again.Fortunately, as it was rather cold, there was no one playing in the garden but the servants who tended the plants.(click below to begin to read) the second: “sick Charming’s son-in-law is toxic” author: Su Tang pull month introduction: “sick Charming’s son-in-law is toxic” abdomen black hide to play the role of pig eat tiger nobody hook up white rich beauty’s upper history.– Serious introduction — the first time to meet her is gentle and quiet capital rich young lady he is about to freeze to death of the street small beggar she will save him he eat her tofu a slap in the face, kindness two cut off the second time to meet her is high status zhaoyang long princess he is proud of the new tan Hua Lang she toast to congratulate.Guide into the pit: Song Xiwei and Su Muyi, coming is still escape willow people from being crowned the turn, slow explained to them: “on say give each other a sagebrush always have custom, since we come out to play today, to enjoy, give each other a wormwood, replace, need not take it seriously, how?”It is not necessary to take it seriously, but in fact, basically whoever sends mugwort is intentional to it.Looking at the other people on the scene are eager to try, the expression with a little shy excited appearance, Song Xiwei and Su Mu Yi can say what, naturally nodded good.In a short time, mugwort was assigned to each man and woman.Girls are holding muggrass standing in situ, the face is full of pink, that touch light color makes them like the first pink lotus in early summer, delicate and reserved.The young men stood behind the young girl holding the wormwood.The girls could only feel the constant movement of people behind them, the wide sleeves sweeping their skirts, the breath of each other behind them…These slight movements, like holding the claws tickling the cat general, in their hearts of the lake turned over the water, ripples, a girl’s shy earlobes are covered with a light pink, beautiful face as if rouge dizzy dyed general, white add a few touch of charm.Because it is the back, can not see who sent the reason, so at the moment the mugwort is basically with their own mind to send out.After a slight commotion, all the mugwort in the hands of the young men have been sent out.Shang Yiliu stood there and clapped his hands: “Ok.”(Click below to start reading) The third book: “I heard the Prime Minister is sick Jiao” author: Gu Yi profile: “I just want to be one of your Majesty.”Eyes were covered, Fu Jinyu gently shallow kiss fell on her ear, itchy and numb.When I was bitten by the earlobe, the thin pain came like electricity, and the air smelled faintly of incense mixed with blood.”Fu Jinyu, you have made such a big situation to plan for the throne. Now, instead of stabilizing people’s hearts, you are devoting all your efforts to humiliate me. Aren’t you afraid of giving way to others and giving way to failure?”Guide into the pit: do not know who this palace is built for, here should be a grid system is built according to the level of the emperor.But at that time, most of the sons of the former emperor were stillborn, and why did the emperor need him to build this palace?Su Qi more hesitated for a moment, curiosity got the upper hand, his force, the side door was pushed open a width for a single person through.Su Qi yue covered her nose and mouth with a handkerchief and waved the dust flying in front of her eyes. By the dim light outside, she looked at the display inside.All the objects in the room were made according to the emperor’s grid. When Su Qi looked around, it seemed that only the side door was covered with dust, and there were obvious signs of frequent residence in the bedroom.Suqi yue stepped softly and walked carefully to the bedroom.Before we got close, we heard voices outside.It was the brittle sound of the water on the bluestone against the sole of the shoe, rapid and rapid, and the sound of walking was mixed with the sound of heavy breathing.Suki slipped into the darkness.”Bang!”The door opened violently and creaked against the coffins on both sides.After the bearer violence pushes open the door, seems to be also found his recklessness, the door closed lightly.”I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”Voice clear, people think of a moment when the mighty wind blowing bamboo rustling like a sword through the empty leaves, young and tender, but can kill.Suqi more meditation, listening carefully from the surrounding sounds.She heard the boy’s troubled breathing and irregular breathing, and it was clear that he was not a martial artist.Who was this boy, who had lived here all her life, judging by the familiar manner of her way, and had never known such a place or such a person.The man was still mumbling and apologizing to a door, and Suzy’s temples were sore.I wish I could see what that boy looked like…(Click below to start reading.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. What would you like to say to the editor?You can leave a comment in the comments section, xiaobian will see oh, look forward to your comments.Past review:”Disease is petite sweethearts” childhood sweethearts, innocent playmates, but don’t know is two hearts in effect for a long time just through “marry disease jiao”, was forced to marry a sicko joyous, soon after he woke up the disease jiao report to spoil shall not cross into himself, princess, meets the sick are actually treasure report the disease jiao royal preceptor arms past blind disease jiao royal preceptor,This world to the rebirth of her pettles “Sick Jiao Valley Lord not easy to annoy” life and death, escaped little princess and dark valley Lord’s adventure