Ding Seliang: This is the first time to write to my family so ceremoniously

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Ding Seliang, male, 36 years old, member of the 19th Batch of Chinese (Hunan) Medical team to aid Tianjin, attending physician of Changsha Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Changsha Eighth Hospital), specializing in the internal diagnosis and treatment of various cardiovascular diseases.Dear family: It is the first time to spend the Spring Festival away from home. It is also the first time to write to my family so ceremoniously.My mother, thank you for raising me, thank you for supporting and paying for my son all the time.My lover — Haiyan, thank you for your support and understanding to my work all the time.Since I signed up for Africa aid, you have been encouraging me and supporting me, saying that this is a chance to experience life and to be a doctor with feelings.My parents are old, and my daughter is only three years old. You said that your child and family have you, so THAT I can rest assured to fulfill my wish.Haiyan, as a medical worker, you are also very busy with your work. I hope you can take more rest and take good care of your family and yourself.My daughter, I’m sorry you’ve been looking for daddy for so many days, but I still haven’t shown up.In the wechat video, you ask why dad hasn’t come back yet?Why don’t you tell me a story?Baby girl, I hope you understand daddy.Dad is far away from you in Africa for the first time, so far away, so long, I am very reluctant to you, I want to accompany you to grow up a little bit, do not miss your every wonderful moment, but dad has very important work to finish.The country where my father is now living has backward medical conditions. The children here are short of doctors and medicines, and they need medical assistance.And my father is a doctor, it is my father’s duty to heal the wounded and save the dying, my father can treat them, relieve their pain.Baby, dad hopes you have a happy childhood, every day can be happy, thrive, grow up in the future like dad, make more contributions to the society and the country!I think of my parents all the more on a fair festival dayIt is the first time to spend the Spring Festival abroad, and the first time to spend the Spring Festival without my family. At this moment, I miss home and my family very much.But you don’t have to worry about me, although life difficult here, no family company, but we have a great motherland do strong backing, our group of 19 rescue Zimbabwe’s medical team players together, helping each other, believe that we will be able to complete the motherland to the task to our support, do not live up to what our country and the people expect of us.On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, I wish Zimbabwe, thousands of miles away, prosperity and happiness for its people.I wish my family a happy New Year, good health, good luck in everything and the Year of the Tiger.