Changan UNI-V starts pre-sale at 108,900 yuan

2022-08-04 0 By

In recent years, we have made great progress in the design of models under our own brands. Take Changan UNI SERIES UNI-T and UNI-K for example, they break our perception of the appearance level of models under our own brands with fashion avant-garde design and win the favor of many young people.On February 21, uni-V, the first sedan of Changan UNI series, officially opened for pre-sale. The pre-sale price range is 108,900 yuan to 131,900 yuan, and a total of four models with configurations are launched.New car positioning sports family car, the future will also be the same focus on the young consumer market.In terms of appearance, uni-V design also does not disappoint, the front face continues changan UNI series of family bezel-less air intake grille, visual effect is very avant-garde.Both sides of the grille are also decorated with sharp air vents, which, combined with the segmented front enclosure at the bottom, give a visual effect that is ready for action and full of combat.The UNI-V’s side features the usual sliding coupe style, with a curved waist line to give the vehicle a more powerful feel, while hidden door handles have also been introduced, which will help improve aerodynamics.In addition, also for the rear view mirror and side skirt for blackening treatment, in detail also do not forget the promotion of sports.The rear of the new car is equipped with the popular through-through taillight, and some unique elements are added on both sides of the light belt to ensure the recognition after lighting.It is worth noting that the new car is equipped with an electric rear wing, which can be opened manually or automatically after entering SUPER RACE mode. When opened, it provides 25kg of downforce and reduces wind drag factor by 0.007, which is very rare in the same class.In addition to the regular version, uni-V also offers a sporty look, which in contrast comes with a carbon-fiber-like front and rear surround, embellished with orange trim.In addition, the normal version is a double exhaust layout, while the sport version is a double exhaust layout.The new car will provide star diamond black, high wind blue, dazzling red, storm gray, dazzling shadow gray and other color options.Inside, the UNI-V looks unique, with a parallel steering wheel, similar to the UNI-K’s fighter cockpit layout.The LCD instrument panel mounted above the central console is composed of three screens, which can form a three-screen surround to display a variety of theme styles and rich driving information, and can also achieve real map navigation.The 12.3-inch floating central control screen uses a new computing platform and high-performance chips, and has built-in apps such as online navigation, online music and singing bar.It is equipped with intelligent voice interaction system jointly developed by Changan Automobile and IFLYTEK, which can realize multi-round dialogue, context recognition, cross-scene recognition and other functions.In terms of intelligent configuration, the Changan Uni-V is also equipped with features such as face recognition, driver monitoring, APP remote control, automatic parking and a wealth of autonomous driving assistance systems.Considering the convenience of actual operation, the air conditioning control area under the central control screen adopts solid keys, and the arrangement is relatively orderly.The knobs and buttons on the rear of the airplane electronic gear lever integrate the functions of driving mode switch, P gear, 360° panoramic video, one-click saving of emergency video, electronic handbrake and automatic parking.Such interior design, presumably will be more in line with the aesthetic of young consumers.It is worth mentioning that uni-V also has a one-button button at the bottom of the center control screen to enter the “SUPER RACE” track mode. When the track mode is turned on, the atmosphere light and LCD UI switch to the exclusive track theme. The supercharging control and ejection start function are simultaneously turned on, and the electric tail automatically rises.Turbine pressure, output torque, G value and other information can be displayed on the instrument panel.In terms of body size, UNI-V is 4680/1838/1430mm in length, width and height, respectively, and has a wheelbase of 2750mm, which is statistically better than the upper middle level in the same class. Therefore, its rear space performance is also remarkable, but the shape of the sliding back will limit the head space to some extent.In addition, the hatchback rear door opens in a way that makes the trunk look brighter, the interior space is more orderly, and the rear seat can be proportionally repositioned.The power part, uni-V is powered by changan Blue Whale’s new generation NE1.5T engine, which has a power of 138 kW and a peak torque of 300 N · m. It is matched with a 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission.For reference, the new 1.5T engine has a power of 95/134 kW and a peak torque of 180/240 N · m;Kilowatt, peak torque 265 N · m.Uni-v still has an edge over its competitors in terms of data.