Bai Qing son looking for the first ancestor chance, wonderful Zen woman and no month panic, too white artifact has appeared how much?

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Hello, everyone! I’ve been writing online for ten years.Today is Friday, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow can have a good rest, but on Monday, ten years can imagine how busy.This period of content to talk about if dust harem a few goddesses, involving figures have Baiqing son, no moon and wonderful Zen, now too white artifact chapter appeared how many artifacts?Bai Qinger, a goddess, has been on the crest of the wave recently, and her book friends often talk about and pay attention to her.In fact, a long time ago, Bai Qinger is an arrogant girl, she is on their own to step into the genius of the Yuan, in addition to the sundial there is no rub if dust other opportunities, unlike blood Tu and Chi Yao characters.Of course, Bai Qing and Huang Tian their father and daughter have a lot of wrong, the contradiction between them has a long history, even Before Bai Qing did not want to see Huang Tian, after the fall of the White Queen, Bai Qing’s only desire is to challenge Huang Tian, defeat Huang Tian.The powerful followers of Huang Tian knew that they could not be defeated easily. Even Xue Jue had fallen to the ground in Huang Tian, so bai Qing er could not defeat bai Qing er even if she came from behind.This time Bai Qing son went to look for the first ancestor chance, to look for the end of the clock related to the first ancestor, or the dark ancestor, or the great devil god or the adverse god ancestor left chance.About the growth of Bai Qing son, her speed has not lost to Zhang Ruochen, now Zhang Ruochen’s war has reached a large comfortable infinite level, and Bai Qing son’s war, estimated also reached the infinite peak of the universe, great.Whether Zhang Ruochen or Bai Qing son, have let the older generation of strong feel the pressure, even the dragon Lord once said from the pressure of dust.Blood jue once said there was pressure, but now has been completely beyond, no pressure.But the growth of Bai Qing son, has let no month and Zen women are panic, they are now at most is boundless, once their repair can be far more than Bai Qing son, now has been caught up.With an era of pride, they will certainly compete with each other, so The growth of Bai Qing son, has made them feel more pressure.If the dust will stay in the valley of white clothes, is the action after they feel pressure.If the dust stays in Baekyi Valley, it will open the sundial’s practice space, where the time ratio is not the same as that outside, so there will be more practice time.Of course, even in the sundial closed, no moon and wonderful Zen girl into the speed is certainly not as good as Bai Qing.In addition to the several goddesses in Ruochen’s harem, bai Qinger’s artifacts are also worth paying attention to.Bai Qinger holds the clock, followed by the ground demon sparrow, are powerful artifacts, among which the clock is the taibai artifact chapter 1 of the powerful artifacts, then do you know what similar to this artifact there are?Now taibai artifact chapter has appeared how many artifacts?Among them, the original lamp in the hands of Kui Measurement Emperor, known as the first ancestor artifact, should not be weak than the white artifact chapter of the artifact;The tower of refining god in the hands of Lei Jiao is now used by Lei Zu, and is also on the Taibai artifact seal;Any one of the nine tripods, is not lost too white artifact chapter of the artifact, there are seventy-two towers this super artifact.There are only so many artifacts to learn in a decade, and book lovers can add some powerful artifacts.The above is ten years of this issue, welcome book friends to pay attention to ten years, leave a message to discuss!