2022, Lu ‘an three important traffic core debut!Which one are you most looking forward to?

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2022 has come, today nest at home xiaobian take you to see in this year, what traffic is worth looking forward to?G312 Rapid reconstruction of Shushan section relocation officially launched!At 9 o ‘clock on January 30, Nangang town, Shushan District, Hefei city organized excavators to demolish roadside houses at the northwest corner of Yangtze West Road and Fangxing Avenue.This marks the official start of the relocation of THE SHushan section of THE G312 rapid transformation project.The rapid transformation of G312 is an important transportation infrastructure construction project connecting Hefei and Lu ‘an.Among them, 2.6km is within the scope of Nangang Town, starting from Shuangtang Road in Nangang Town in the east and ending at Houdian Road in the west, connecting the current Hefei Yangtze River West Expressway, and transforming it into urban expressway according to the standard of first-class highway.The relocation involves five enterprises and four households, requiring demolition of about 6,000 square meters of buildings and structures.It is reported that after the start of the relocation, THE G312 rapid transformation project shushan section is scheduled to start construction in mid-February.The main lane of G312 will be open to traffic by the end of this year.The main and secondary roads will be open to traffic by the end of June 2023.On January 4, G40 Jianghuai Canal Bridge, a key control project of the Heliu expansion project, opened to traffic in the direction of Lu ‘an to Hefei.On January 7, the hefei-Lu ‘an route was opened to traffic, smoothly realizing the goal of official two-way traffic.According to the latest reply from the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the whole G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway and Liuye project will be completed by the end of October 2022!The section of Xuanshang Expressway from Hefei to Huoshan to The Boundary between Anhui and Henan will be started in the second half of 2022. It is an important part of heng6 (Nanjing-Wuhan Expressway) in anhui province’s “five vertical and ten horizontal” expressway network, with a total length of 180.296 kilometers.The route starts from Fengle North of Feixi County, followed by Xuanshang Highway Wuwei to Hefei section, from east to west through 18 townships in Lu ‘an.The construction of Jin ‘an section of Xuanshang Expressway will be started in the second half of this year. Its construction will accelerate the integration of Lu ‘an city into hefei metropolitan area and strengthen the construction of Heliu economic corridor!Continuous unimpeded road, for the rapid development of liu ‘an, is the best news!Transportation in all directions, and hefei “zero distance” traffic, are helping the development of Lu ‘an.Which of these high-speed trains will be completed or started in 2022 are you looking forward to?