Xing investigation of the wind, on the grassroots

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Leaders of xinghua CPPCC arrived in Dainan for the first stop of the Spring Festival
Yangzi evening News network on February 26 (reporter Wang Guozhu correspondent Yuan Kaijian Wu Biyun Liu Qian) “in the spring of 2002, I came to Dai Nan from the red revolutionary base area ganzhou jiangxi.In 2019, WE jointly invested 600 million yuan with 10 enterprises in Suzhou to build a fastener industrial park of 70,000 square meters.Then it invested 60 million yuan to build a new fastener cleaning center…I have been working in Dainan for 20 years, and the Dainan people regard me as a ‘family member’. Last year, the Town Party Committee recommended me to be a member of the CPPCC of Xinghua city…”On the morning of February 25, Qiu Yongshou, a member of the Xinghua CPPCC, president of Fastener Association of Dayan Town and general manager of Jiangsu Fastener Industry Management Co., LTD., was full of passion on the forum where the leaders of Xinghua CPPCC went to the grassroots in the Spring Festival.On February 16, xinghua City CPPCC issued a “on the wind of daxing investigation and research, to carry out the” month on the grassroots “activity notice, requiring the special committees, member groups, township (street) members of the task performance group, all CPPCC members, in-depth investigation and research, the formation of” high quality “performance results;Close contact with the masses, promote the “grass-roots” normal long-term;We improved our ability to perform our duties and put forward “golden ideas” for the work of the CPPCC.Xinghua city CPPCC Party members Zou Xianglong, secretary General Jin Guoming, the city CPPCC Economic and Science Committee director Liu Shibing came to The first stop of the Spring Festival in Dayan Town, with 7 members of the city CPPCC in Dayan town face-to-face communication.Liu Lin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Dayan Town, briefly reported on the work of organizing CPPCC members to carry out “have something good to discuss” in 2021, participating in comprehensive environmental remediation, and making suggestions and suggestions for urban construction.The general thinking for the work of the CPPCC in 2022 has been put forward, calling on CPPCC members to take a stronger responsibility in the work of the service center, make more contributions to “creating a new South China”, make better suggestions and suggestions, and make innovations in the development of democracy throughout the whole process.Xinghua CPPCC member, Jiangsu Xingda company deputy general manager, doctor Zhou Zhisong is from Harbin, a technical personnel.In the past 8 years, he participated in a number of key technical projects and made contributions to the construction of “Ten billion xingda”. For the cause, he “moved” his whole family.He said that based on his own post, he will care about the production and life of employees and create a good working environment for them.Zou Xianglong said after listening to the CPPCC’s speech, dainan of the CPPCC members actively involved in the development of “high quality”, and “highly efficient management” as the dainan committee takes office put forward the direction and demand of new rite, hope dainan of CPPCC related to play a good platform for the role of, establish a good mechanism, giving play to the role of good members took home,We will put into practice the principle of consulting with the people when problems arise, and give full play to the platforms and mechanisms for going to the community level, getting close to the people, and participating in community-level governance. We will create discussion rooms for consultation when problems arise, and better connect members with the people.Proofreading Xu Hang