Shi Zhecun prose: New Year

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After nine years under fire, he didn’t feel bad.No, it doesn’t even feel like Chinese New Year.Thirty night early sleep on the bed, sleep to the day three zhang to climb up.There was no sorrow or sadness in his bedtime.No one came to me for debt, and no one came to borrow money in a hurry to pay it.I didn’t feel any different when I got up.I happened to see the local people looking a little like celebrating the New Year, and they were indifferent, as if it had nothing to do with me.So calm, so smooth, so comfortable.It was not valuable then, but now it is fondly remembered.Now, the third year after victory’s return, it was a little frightening.I don’t know what words to use to explain this sentiment.Constitution in the fire, democracy in hunger.Some people spend ten thousand yuan to eat a bowl of yangchun noodles, while others spend several billion yuan to win a national congress or legislative committee.I dared not look in the mirror during the symphony of crying and crying and rejoicing, for I felt that even my face must be embarrassed.Sometimes occasionally will be lost, feel that they are not philosophical enough.After all these situations can be irrelevant to me.Cherish spring for flowers, for cicadas sad autumn, always emotional, not worth worrying about.As the saying goes, “When the sky collapses, it has a long head.”But no, although I have to think like this, I can’t seem to get rid of this anxious mood, and sometimes I even jump with my feet.One year, two years, three years, who knows the more and more urgent jump, can not calm down.Am I to spend my whole life in such a hurry?I’m a little scared.Now it’s another year.Time will not stop permanently or temporarily, and I am not ready to cut off my life to deny the advance of time, so this year unfolded before me, the ferocious face, I looked and cringed.I dared not fathom what lay beyond this barrier, but I knew THAT I could not jump any further.But with only this pass, won’t we settle down a little?You’re right, but I can’t get past that.Cut in the year suicide is actually a fool, cut the knife water flow more water flow, both long flow, draw a knife also hence in vain.Do you really think that if you die, your years will be over?Just because your feet don’t have to jump anymore doesn’t mean there aren’t things out there that stop you from jumping.My greatest problem, therefore, is how I shall live this year.According to the French, I should have a “philosophy”.But it happened that I had never read philosophy, and now I was so anxious that I didn’t know where to start.When I think about ancient people, I can’t help but open a few remnants of the book, to see how the ancient people’s philosophy of the Spring Festival.But they discovered a fact that no one had ever noticed.The ancients for the New Year, also are silent.There are many poems and articles about New Year’s Eve, but it is not yet Chinese New Year.New Year’s day or New Year’s poems are often encountered, but they have passed the year.White stone Taoist poem said: sand tail wind back a cold, pepper flower today night not plate, one hundred years of hasty are so, cut the spring word candle to see.This is a natural New Year’s Eve poetry masterpiece, charm can be called pure.But he said, “It is the same in a hundred years,” but a hundred years of judgment, do not admit exceptions.This is different from my current state of mind.All I can think of is: it wasn’t true before, but this year it is.Or, although that was the case before, that is not the case this year.Therefore, Bai Shi old fairy can leisurely cut candles, since cut spring words, BUT I do not have the feelings of stability.Besides, when he finished his ten poems, whether he blew out the candles and slept in the boat for the New Year or stayed up in front of a candle, it was a secret how the old man really felt at that time.Yuan micro poem said: a year today, a year ago things empty;A hundred desolate years should be numbered with one year.This is the most refreshing of all New Year’s Day poems.I matched it with baishi Taoist poetry because they both share the same view.Yuan micro also unceremoniously a year to determine a hundred years.Isn’t it?”A hundred desolate years should be the same as one year.”Is it not of the same order as “So are the common flowers of the hundred years”?We cannot say that baishi daoist stole the poem of Yuan Weizhi, but we can only say that we all represent the feelings of Chinese poets at the beginning of the New Year.But this poem is not what I am looking for now, because he did not write this poem until the first day of the first lunar month. What he told me was the feeling after the New Year, not the mood of the New Year.So, under my harsh conditions, I can only find a Ningbo monk’s French: big trees wrapped in big skin, small trees wrapped in small skin;The redbud tree before the court, without skin also New Year.This is the Northern Song Dynasty yuyao Fasheng temple line to celebrate the New Year monks ode.It is indeed a celebration of the New Year, is exactly what I want to use to relax my New Year mood medicine.After all, the Buddha dharma is more effective than the elimination of dharma, which immediately inspired my Zen machine.I can give it all sorts of footnotes, whether political, economic, psychological or social.Speak right and left, understand everything.All in all, “New Year without skin” was like the roar of a lion, which made me suddenly realize and drop everything.Chinese New Year, the original is this view.And all fear, and doubt, and anguish, were instantly removed, and none, and none at all.In this way, we finally solved a problem, which is more useful than the advance payment of salary and salary for March. Besides our joy and admiration, please turn to the monk for a change: The thorn tree has no skin, why is it the Spring Festival?Years free it, do not mistake the tree.Yucheng Shenzhou all good men good women, in the meaning of the cloud?Then the New Year editor asked me to write a little New Year miscellaneous feelings for him.Normally, the New Year miscellaneous feelings must be written in the New Year, this is still the end of the year, it is impossible to advance my feelings.But the editor wanted me to hand in the paper at the end of the year, so that he could leave the New Year’s special, so he had no choice but to send him my imaginary New Year’s thoughts.During the lunar year last year, I once wrote an article “Chinese New Year” for a semimonthly magazine, which quoted the New Year’s Ode of a Monk named Shi Xing in the Song Dynasty, saying: “Big trees are covered with big skins, small trees with small skins, and the redbud tree in front of the court is covered with no skins.”I really like this ket language.I have had neither large nor small skin in my life for more than forty years.In fact, it is not years, but as if there were no years.No years can be too, that is too solid, that is not, nor can.These words, in the former peaceful and prosperous times, might be said to have some zen flavor.However, in recent years, especially this year, I am afraid that people have the same desire to prevent monks from being alone.Ask New Year, how many flavor this year?Big skin small skin, wrapped around the thicker and tighter, the flavor of the Year is separated from the more far.In the Janya ship, or in the Overlord;Or hate in Washington, or disappear in zhongshan county;This is the heart to pass without the flow of years.It is better to have no skin like me, though it seems to others, covered with bumps, a touch of naked;Although the cold is unbearable, in fact, it is naked without care, even if there is a year without the flow of meaning.According to the situation, the world, south Zhan Bu Chau, after all, is no skin more, skin less.As long as the few are less and less, even as to none, at that time everyone has no skin, no skin appearance, the world can be the same, there is no need to look ahead.What I can’t imagine now is how much wisdom these skinless people have.In case they look in the mirror and feel ashamed of their own filth, they will first bind their small bark, then bind their big bark, and make a redbud tree into a thousand-year-old palm. At that time, this corner of the world was still in the hands of the old Lord, so they have to try their best to visit it these days.But my personal skinless bottom can be confident.So years are good, no years are good;Too good, but also good.New Year and old year, one and two, two and one.The old is old, but the new may soon be old.If we must hope for the renewal of the soup plate, the spirit is too weary.Is it not for this reason that the song of Yaomin beating the soil is the best philosophy of the Chinese people?