Recommended mobile games of the year 2022

2022-08-03 0 By

Match-3 games are a subgenre of match-3 games where the player wins by eliminating three identical items.So today to recommend a few kinds of three mobile tour!”Summoning and Synthesizing” is a card strategy puzzle solving RPG mobile game independently developed and operated by Zhaohe Network.Players collect different families in the game, use family cards and partner cards to combine and realize the elimination on the sand table.In the game, players can not only experience the game of match-3, but also experience the game of self-moving. The combination of the two gives people a better game experience.The benefits of the game are generous, and emails are often sent with diamonds for bizarre reasons, and the content is full of human interest;Although the drawing style is ancient, the plot is a little naive, but the gameplay is easy to use and easy to go to the head.Overall, it’s a game worth trying.”Vientiane Story” is a fantasy adventure match 3 RPG mobile game jointly launched by Rhea games and Longyuan Network.In the game, players lead more than 30 characters from six different races to explore the past, present and future of The Land of Fanteti as spectators.The unique aesthetic fantasy fairy tale style of the game, the side-scrolling screen, and the background music of the whole symphony create a grand and huge imposing manner. From the perspective of different characters of the six races, the game leads the players to adventure in the world of light and dark and full of beautiful colors, whether it is text, picture, soundtrack.Can let the player in the traditional three matchless gameplay experience to belong to the unique charm of the Universe.The Best Blind Box Team is a slash-action RPG that is popular in the genre of blind boxes.In the game, the hero xiao Xing in the blind box doll under the leadership of the adventure into others’ inner world story.In addition to the traditional elimination play, the game also combines combat play, with the player using elimination to convert dolls into marbles to attack monsters.Players can collect the appearance of dolls in the game, different dolls have different skill effects, by cultivating dolls to obtain better attributes.However, it should be noted that the consumption of doll cultivation is high, so if you want to cultivate which doll needs to be considered clearly.Of the games mentioned above, it’s a shame that Call & Composition will be taken down in April, but most match-3 mobile games are still based on match-3, and the match-3 series from Music Elements are a great way to pass the time.