In men’s 1500m speed skating, the Dutch skater broke the record to win the gold medal, while Ning Zhongyan won the seventh place

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Ning Zhongyan, known as “Treasure Boy”, made his Debut in the men’s 1,500-meter speed skating competition at the “Ice Ribbon” at the National Speed Skating Stadium at 7 PM Beijing time on Feb 8, 2022.Currently ranked no. 2 in the world, Ning zhongyan is the favorite for the tournament, and everyone had high hopes for him before the match.The “ice ribbon” of the Beijing Winter Olympics speed skating hall is very high-tech, and it is very helpful for athletes to create good results, such as women’s 1,500 meters speed skating champion Irin, 35 years old.West, who clocked a new Olympic record of 1:53.28, lost the gold medal in the women’s 3,000m speed skating to Jens Schauten of the Netherlands, also a new Olympic record.The space of speed skating is larger than that of short track speed skating. For a lap of 400 meters, one lap of 1500 meters will be nearly 4 laps, which needs to be calculated according to sectional results. For example, some people start fast, some people finish fast, there will be a “deceleration difference”, “deceleration difference” is the standard to judge excellent athletes.In the competition, the fastest result is the standard line, the red color is slower than the standard line, the green color is faster than the standard line, so, just need to observe the section results, basically can judge what kind of results athletes can probably achieve.Lian Ziwen’s speed skating does not have problems such as blocking, blocking, control, etc., so the competition is all based on strength, with two people fighting each other. Out represents the outside track and IN represents the inside track.All speed skating is only one shot, the fight is speed and endurance, generally the order of the later, on behalf of the higher level, so, only to the last group to know the final place.In the men’s 1500m speed skating competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the competition was extremely fierce. The first skater, Thomas of the Netherlands, set an Olympic record in 1:43.55, followed by Kell of the Netherlands.Ness quickly set another Winter Olympic record, clocking 1 minute 43.21 seconds, and eventually won the gold medal.Wang Haotian (23, 1.90 meters) and Lian Ziwen (23, 1.83 meters) skated 1:49 seconds and placed 27th. Ning Zhongyan (22, 1.78 meters), who was the favorite before the race, did his best.In the end, he won the seventh place with a time of 1:45.28, creating a history for Chinese men in this event.Congratulations to the Chinese men’s speed skating team!