Dai huanghua baba: eat a mouthful of soft and sweet spring, recall a section of homesickness

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In March, many small yellow flowers appeared in the fields near the 3A scenic spot of Bapai, Hehua Town, Tengchong City, Baoshan city, Yunnan Province. Yellow flower baba, a delicious spring dish, began to tantalize people’s taste buds again.Whether fried in oil, steamed or roasted over fire, yellow Flower Baba always evokes people’s memory on the palate with a soft and sweet bite.The yellow flower used in making “Yellow flower Baba” is called Rat-eared herb, which is named for its “leaves like mouse ears and flowers like melody”. It belongs to the compositae family and has the effect of dispelling wind, relieving cough, clearing heat and benefiting dampness. It is one of the most important ingredients of Yellow flower Baba.Drawing materials from nature and eating according to time is the wisdom and blessing of dai diet. When it is most fresh and tender, picking and eating it will not bear the gift of nature.Tengchong’s spring fields are already full of spring. Pick some fresh leaves and stamens of yellow flowers, take them home, pick the waste leaves, wash them, drain them, cut them into pieces, and dry them in the air.Steam glutinous rice dyed golden with “dyed rice flowers”, then stir the yellow flowers and rice together, add sugar (can also be added according to personal preference fillings), stir again, let the glutinous rice and yellow flowers into one, the tangy smell has a taste of spring, let a person drool.Finally, hand dipped in wax and kneaded into a round cake, a yellow flower baba is formed.Squatting in front of a big stove burning firewood, the yellow flower baba is baked on the tongs. As the baba darkens in color, it becomes ripe.Can’t wait to pick up a to put in the mouth, light flowers and plants fragrance bloom in the tip of the tongue, gently chewing, slightly sweet, with thick agrestic breath, as if to eat the whole spring into the mouth.The dai aunt next to read: “now children, good to eat more, but want to eat some country wild vegetables!It’s strange.”Indeed, some common food from the countryside, just like this yellow flower baba, is not elegant, but it is the sweet memory of many Tengchong people in their childhood, full of the infinite love of grandparents.A tengchong resident who has worked in other places for many years said, “Working outside for many years, I can hardly eat such authentic yellow flower baba any more.When I was a child, there were not so many snacks like now. My grandmother would make them for me, but it was difficult for her to pick them on the ridge of the field, and there were few chances to eat them.”Crispy and sweet, yellow flower baba may be just a common seasonal snack, but the tiny baba is full of endless sweetness, which can help us travel thousands of miles home or leave everything behind to stay.With spring, missing, nostalgia, let a person review the old pure happiness…Spring comes to the earth and all things revive. If you want to taste the taste of spring, you might as well go to Dai Zhai Ba Pai, pick a basket of yellow flowers and make yellow flower baba.Source: Tengchong Rong Media Center