Use my youth to bear the burden of our country

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“This is the 30th time to do nucleic acid, right?No.”Ducani deftly finished the nucleic acid and chatted with her father.Dukarni is a student in Class 10, Grade 6, Experimental Primary School, Haidian District, Beijing.Dukarni was one of 46 students from the Experimental Primary School in Haidian district who performed at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Since last Year’s National Day, Ducani and her classmates have been rehearsing.In order to prevent and control the epidemic, all the actors and actresses of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics need to take nucleic acid treatment every 48 hours.”The first time to do nucleic acid was a little uncomfortable, but now I am used to it.”Ducani said.Dukarni’s parents are both medical workers, and her mother is a volunteer medical worker for the Beijing Winter Olympics, providing medical services to athletes in the village.There are two volunteers in the family. The whole family is very proud.Although ducani is only 12 years old and the only child in her family, she never complains about the dozens of hours of continuous training.”I’m going through every rehearsal with a much more serious attitude.I want to look forward to the future with the Beijing Winter Olympics!”Ducani said.Xuefei Wang, a 2019 dance student at the Conservatory of Music of Capital Normal University, has been selected as an instructor for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.As the leader of the guidance team of Capital Normal University, besides taking an active part in the training, she also took the initiative to serve her teammates.The instructor’s training requires a lot of posture.Wang and her teammates started with an hour-long practice of unblinking eyes, moving on to smiling exercises, walking gestures and holding and holding cards.When training, stand for at least 8 hours a day.”When I started to practice my eyes, I lost them by the end.Practice holding cards, raising cards, holding cards for an hour first, and then holding cards for half an hour, at that time feel that the arm is not their own.””We young people will show the world our youth style with the power of youth,” Wang said.Zhang Yu, a 2020 student from the National Security College of People’s Public Security University of China, and Zhao Chunxiang, a 2019 student from the Investigation College of China, held the National flag of Greece. Together with their classmates, they became flag bearers of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”Carrying the Chinese flag is the most stressful and proud part of carrying it.”Ms. Cheung said.During the row, Zhao chunxiang, Zhang Yu and the flag-bearer team leave home at 6 or 7 am and rest in the early morning.As a flag-bearer, every movement must go through hundreds of times of training, 14 and 15 jin flagpole at one stroke hours.Ducani and her classmates who attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics spent the Spring Festival away from their families for the first time under closed-loop management before the opening ceremony.Michelle Wang, Zhao Chunxiang and Zhang Yu also gave up their family reunion to spend the holiday alone.”It is very rare to have the opportunity to participate in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.We are especially proud to devote our small strength to the great cause of our country.””Wong said.”We represent our motherland, and we want to show our wonderful China to the world.”Zhao Chunxiang said.