The latest in the NBA: Hawks beat SUNS

2022-08-02 0 By

The latest NBA matchup begins at 08:30 Beijing time on February 4, 2022, with the SUNS at the Hawks.The game ended with a 124-115 victory over the SUNS.The home hawks shot 52 percent from the field, while the SUNS made 52 percent of their shots.In the interior, the Hawks had 41 rebounds to the SUNS ’39, and the Hawks were better at rebounding inside.The Hawks finished with 25 assists, trailing the SUNS, who played better as a team.The Hawks finished the game with six steals and one block, compared to 11 steals and two blocks for the SUNS.On the free throw side, the Hawks and SUNS shot 72 percent and 77 percent, respectively.In terms of turnovers, the Hawks committed 15 to the SUNS ’10, fewer than the Hawks.Pistons vs. Timberwolves 08:30 Raptors vs. Bulls 09:30 Spurs vs. Heat 11:00 Clippers vs. Lakers 11:00 Warriors vs. Kings