A woman is shooting a video in front of her house, wearing cool clothes and showing off her shoulders on a cold day

2022-08-02 0 By

A netizen from Zhoukou, Henan province recently shared a video of a woman doing nothing after returning to her rural hometown from the city. In near-sub-zero temperatures, the woman dances in fleshcolored stockings and thigh-high boots on the kerb of her house.No matter in dress or posture, they have a good shape, as good as models in high-end places.The woman’s mother saw her daughter’s abnormal behavior and instinctively showed a burst of contempt, but the woman was not moved, but showed more antics.Apparently, the woman’s mother did not understand her behavior, but her daughter did not listen to her, had to eat to ease the embarrassment of the scene.Netizens are also hotly debating this.Judging by the way this woman dances and walks, she’s one of those “high-end places” in a big city. Maybe she thinks she’s elegant.Also do not know convergent in native village a bit, it is simply ugly 100, the woman’s mother is values are very positive, but the daughter is big also tube not to live!This woman is no. 38, haven’t seen you for some time, long time, hurry to work, foot bath city has opened!Have to say, from the level of appearance and figure, this woman is really belong to the superior, but a person to obtain the respect of the other side, not in the number of high-end places she visits, but in a person from the inside out of the temperament beauty, relying on their own ability to live happily and with dignity, is the key to happiness.What do you think about that