22 years of second-level construction engineer management core points progress control tasks and measures, second-level construction of outstanding student notes

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22 years secondary construction management the core tasks and measures of progress controlling, ErJian outstanding student notes, long press forward thumb up + + evaluation continuously updated oh, wen swinging point I head direct messages: 2022 test centers: the construction schedule of inspection and adjustment (1) the construction schedule of inspection shall be on a regular basis, according to the statistical cycle and irregular inspection shall be carried out according to need.The content of the construction schedule inspection includes: (1) check the completion of the project;Check the implementation of working hours;③ Check the use of resources and progress assurance;(4) Rectification of problems raised during the previous schedule inspection.(2) the progress report shall be prepared according to the following contents after the inspection of the construction progress plan :(11, 13) ① comprehensive description of the implementation of the progress plan;(2) comparison between actual project progress and planned progress;(3) The problems in the implementation of the schedule plan and their causes;(4) The impact of schedule implementation on project quality, safety and construction cost;⑤ Measures to be taken;⑥ Progress prediction.