Zhang Ling, railway police officer: “Tough woman” in Winter Olympics Station area

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She is twice in the police force with Olympic security affinity sonorous rose, and male police assume heavy responsibilities;She is busy in the station area of each post “female man”, with practical action to practice the duty and mission of the Peace Winter Olympics;She spent 15 New Year’s eve at the post, devoting her youth to the “safe dream” that never fades.She is Beijing railway public security Qinghe station police station woman Zhang Ling.She was petite in figure and always had a shy smile on her face, but she was resolute and meticulous in her work.This was zhang’s first impression on many of her colleagues.Zhang Ling was born into a military family.When she was young, her father’s heroic figure in military uniform made her look forward to the career of safeguarding peace.She was also impressed by the soldiers’ determination to return to their units as soon as they received an assignment.After graduating from college, Zhang decided to become a police officer in the Beijing Railway Public Security Department.In the past 18 years, she has turned around three times and pursued her “dream of peace” in the police camp.The road to pursuing your dreams is often filled with challenges and frustrations.After coming to the police camp, Zhang spent seven years as a police officer at the Beijing West Railway Station.In 2014, the public Security Department established the first female police dog team, with love, patience and responsibility, she was selected as police dog handler.Every time I turn around, the work content is completely different, no less than a process of learning again.Zhang ling said with a smile that she did not expect to become an “excellent student” after graduating from university.There is no boundary between the major of the university and the public security work, and the whole “zero foundation”, with no experience in dealing with tourists and no basis for handling cases.How to do?She start from a blank sheet, at every opportunity, along with the experienced old police police, dry while learning, using the rest time to race against time to learn all kinds of laws, regulations and business knowledge, quickly adapt to the job requirements, but also in work summarizes “ok, no hurry” mantra – “meet the bad attitude of passengers, their attitude is better,Find out if the passenger has any difficulties.When a passenger is in a hurry, he should not rush himself, but actively communicate with him to help solve his difficulties.”During her time in the female police Dog team, in order to complete the work of dog training and put into combat as soon as possible, she often trained in the daytime and studied repeatedly with video materials at night.Continuous large-scale high-intensity training, so that she was thin in a few months straight weight drop, and through unremitting efforts, her special comrade-in-arms “black” – a black Labrador, in the various training indicators have achieved good results in the assessment.At the beginning of 2020, Zhang Ling was transferred to the comprehensive command room of qinghe Police Station due to work requirements, in charge of internal work.Since then, the training ground less a valiant police dog female handler, police station is more than a let the police trust like “smart sister”.The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing officially kicked off on Feb 4, the start of spring.This is a major landmark event at the historical juncture of China’s two centenary goals.Qinghe Station, as an important guarantee station for the Winter Olympic Games, will undertake a large number of transport tasks during the Winter Olympic Games.In order to secure the Winter Olympics, qinghe station police station early opened the “Winter Olympics mode”, with practical action to ensure that the grand event of the Winter Olympics.Police every day from morning to night, high intensity into the guard station area, train and passenger safety work, Zhang Ling just like a “little top” around the clock.”Where’s Smart?”In the corridor of the police station, every day from time to time came the sound of police inquiries.Although Zhang ling is in charge of the internal affairs, it is difficult to see her in the office.She spends her days either at the station or in the warehouse.”Hazmat suits, face masks, face masks, alcohol sanitizers…”Early every morning, Zhang went to each post to check whether the police had all the epidemic prevention supplies and disposal kits, and to quickly make up what was missing.A day countless times to run to the waiting hall, in and out of the station, patiently and carefully to the police introduced the use of mobile police terminals.In order to let the police eat delicious food, she often asked people what they wanted to eat through wechat, and prepared a special dish of her hometown for the police from all over the country every day.It is a tradition of qinghe police station to celebrate the birthday of the policemen on duty.Every time there is a policeman’s birthday, the office will arrange Zhang Ling to prepare a cake early in the morning, and the canteen master to do longevity noodles, so that the hard work of the police on duty feel the warmth of the battalion family.The 2022 Winter Olympics is her second brush with Olympic security.On the eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Zhang Ling was assigned to the police dog team. After receiving temporary professional training, she quickly threw herself into the busy Olympic security work and was responsible for carrying out round-the-clock bomb detection work with her dog at the station.On a hot summer day, the surface temperature of the station square can reach over 37 degrees.Every day more than ten thousand bending, stand up, let her body almost unbearable, but she has been grinding teeth insist, as long as can stand up, work does not stop.Walking up and down the square, checking hundreds of pieces of luggage.Beans big sweat drip from the body straight down, a day down, black special police uniform presents a circle of sweat stains.”It is our glorious mission to ensure the absolute safety of the Olympic Games.And being able to work on security for the Olympics is something that not every police officer gets to do.”Talking about her experience as a police officer, it was a “highlight moment” that Zhang was proud of.On her soft shoulders, she not only carried the “clothing, food, housing and transportation” of the whole police, but also shouldered the logistics support and distribution work of the security comrades in the Winter Olympics along the Beijing-Zhangjiakou route.Daily necessities and epidemic prevention materials for police stations along the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway will be delivered from Qinghe station to ensure security and epidemic prevention for the Winter Olympics.Zhang Ling comes to work the earliest and leaves the last every day.According to the needs of each station police station, she will walk through the warehouses filled with various supplies, quickly find out all kinds of epidemic prevention materials and daily necessities and complete the inventory, packaging, packaging, disinfection and distribution, to ensure the first time the supplies will be delivered to each station along the Beijing-Zhangjiakou line police station.She was happiest when she received a call from the police station in the middle of the night.Busy from morning to night for many days, her red eyes are particularly obvious.”My job is nothing compared to the people who have to stand firm in the cold and snow every day for a safe Winter Olympics,” Zhang said.Zhang Ling also has some unique habits.She has not worn perfume since she first started working as a dog trainer at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.Because perfume is not good for training a police dog’s sense of smell.After she was engaged in the internal work, her mobile phone was always put together with the charge bank, wechat and telephone were not interrupted, as long as the police called her, no matter how late, she could always hear the warm voice of “Smart sister”.During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, in order to let the police have a warm New Year’s eve in security posts, Zhang Ling carefully prepared a warm “New Year gift package” for everyone, which contained chocolate, various dried fruits, snacks and fresh fruit, as well as a cup of hot pear soup, sent to each post.What’s more, this year’s New Year’s Eve is the 15th New Year’s Eve that she has been on duty.Every year during the holidays, she leaves her children with her parents and chats with them via phone or video.She was touched by the support and understanding of her family. Every time she called, what they often said was, “Don’t worry about your family, work hard, we are all fine.”On the night of February 4, when the Beijing Winter Olympics opened, Zhang shuttled between the station area and the police station from morning till night, providing the most substantial logistics support for all the comrades participating in the security mission of the Winter Olympics.She and the police busy about the dark blue figure, reflecting the police station gate just affixed soon Spring Festival couplets: “iron police hero march thousands of miles to send peace, people’s public security war snow to protect the Winter Olympics.”