The nets lose the Hornets!Adu + Zhuangji 47 points, Kyrie iron, Nash no tactics + change

2022-08-01 0 By

Beijing time on March 28 nets and hornets game, this game for both sides is a very critical position battle.If they win, the Nets will pull away from the Hornets and gain a foothold in the eighth seed.Unfortunately, in the second half, the Nets could not resist the Hornets offensive.When the Hornets found their rhythm, and the Nets couldn’t run them down, the hornets won 119-110.In fact, Durant and Zhuang both played extremely good form.Durant went 27+8+7, making 9 of 24 field goals.He just didn’t shoot very well from 3-point range, just 3 of 11.At the same time, the stat of 20+16 will prove his contribution in the interior.Anyway, the existence of zhuang God, the nets can be given a great guarantee.The defense, in particular, was nothing but positive and experienced, which touched countless people.In addition, Dragic was a surprise.While the numbers may not be great, Dragic on defense is just as active as Zhuang, and on offense he can organize and contribute as much value as he can.The biggest disappointment of the game was that Kyrie was too crotch on offense.Whether it was fitness or not, irving’s 5-for-20 shooting didn’t help.Of course, Irving scored eight straight points in the final quarter, but the first three quarters were too tight.If Owen had broken through earlier, the situation would not have been so bad, too frustrating.But Nash’s tactics are terrible.Get mills and then not give him the ball, he’s a hole on defense.On the other hand, the offense is the continuous offense of Irving and Durant, which means the offense has no strategy.And on the other side of the small lineup, zhuang God is unable to keep up, in this case Nash can try to zhao Four, unfortunately did not do so.Coupled with hanging up in the third quarter to watch the game, adaptability is a major flaw.