The bank is not responsible for leaving the cabinet!Why not cancel it

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Because according to the stipulations of article 26 of the consumer protection law, an operator shall not format terms, notice, statement, shop notices, etc, to eliminate or restrict consumer rights or mitigated punishment or be exempted from operator liability and liability for consumers and other unfair to consumers, the unreasonable regulations, with the means of technology may make use of format terms and compulsory transaction.If the standard terms, notices, declarations, store notices, etc. contain the contents listed in the preceding paragraph, the contents shall be invalid.Bank of this article “from the cabinet shall not be responsible for” the sign, the bank is in fact the unilateral notice, its aim is to hedge the risks of Banks, the blame on to depositors, is an extremely unfair behavior, the existence of the sign itself, has violated the law, so its content should be invalidated, that is to say, this bank,In daily life, it is generally only used as a reminder, not a provision supported by law.