Li Ningxia: Irrigate every child with love, waiting for flowers

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Gong Yueyue planning collation editor’s note: “the day is not everywhere, youth just come;Moss flowers as small as rice, also like peony bloom.”This is true of most small rural schools.In the past of 2021, reporters from Yinan to Yuncheng, and then from Zhanhua to Yiyuan station, witnessed a lot of feelings of educators rooted in rural areas, they are trying to make up the gap with light, to help rural children better grow up.Family sitting, lights amiable, this is the ideal state of Spring Festival reunion.And in shandong, many small rural schools, countless rural principals and teachers are rushing to the hillside, remote rural students home, they want to use the precious winter vacation time, go to the children’s home, into the children’s heart.From now on, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint “Youth Talk” column will launch “Village Principal/Teacher’s Winter Vacation Diary” successively, focusing on what rural teachers see, hear and feel during home visit, lighting up the dream of rural children and injecting power into rural revitalization.. Below is the Qingdao chengyang district merit seeks home town street primary school teachers Li Ningxia winter holidays diary: on February 7, 2022, the weather is fine With the spinning of the clock, the steps of spring coming slowly, in the beginning of the season, all of our winter holiday will quietly ended, leisure time, review the holidays drip, wants to think more meaningful for the record.As a class teacher of grade two in primary school, I can’t rest assured that my lovely babies in the holidays. It is happy to see that they send videos and photos of reading and practicing words in the group every day, and I feel so proud.In order to better understand and guide the children’s holiday reading, practicing, I also took the time to go to a few baby home, focus on our class of students xiao Du.Komori classmate is a single-parent family, live with my grandma and dad since I was a child, my father had always a little busy work, most of the time is my grandma in take care of him, so lead to komori students learning habits and customs is a little loose procrastinating, komori classmates are very smart, however, some problems a hint he will be able to solve their own, after half a semester of encouragement and praise,Du’s grades improved by leaps and bounds, and grandma and dad were very happy.In the holiday, I was afraid that he relaxed his requirements, and decided to see him quietly.I made a good call to Xiao Du’s father in advance and chose a day that was convenient for him.Arrived at the door, I gently knocked on the door, to open the door is Du students.When he saw me standing at the door, he felt a little shocked. After a long reaction, he smiled and asked Teacher Li for Happy New Year. Then he welcomed me into the door, told me to change my shoes and led me to the sofa.After sitting down, I asked him what meaningful things to do in the holiday, then I found that Du students are light in the eyes of the answer me: “Help grandma New Year cleaning, wipe the table, sweep the floor, mop the floor.I brought water for my father’s feet and made reading videos myself.”Hearing his confident expression, my heart is very excited, holidays can not only take the initiative to help parents, but also on time to complete their own learning tasks, our students are really grown up sensible, grow into a little man in the family, become the teacher’s proud baby.In the in-depth communication with my father, I also gave some suggestions, continue to encourage and praise Du, spend more time with the child, do sports with the child, pay more attention to all aspects of the child, form the strength of both home and school, let him become better.At the end of the home visit, a sentence flashed in my mind: every child will blossom, but the flowering period is different. What we need to do is to irrigate with love and wait for flowers to bloom.