Junior high school boys secretly do 3 things, a not in is excellent students, poor students are completely consistent

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High school is a place that many people will miss. The most important is that at that time, it is the best time for many people.This is a very volatile age, and it can be a heady time for teachers and parents, especially for boys who have entered adolescence, and they tend to do things that are beyond comprehension and even get angry to the point of madness.In high school, there is a boy “secretly” to do three things, did not take an examination, that is the result of poor students, Internet users: when I was in middle school play, many students have this bad habit, but most of the students think “cool”, this way of thinking, let many parents and teachers are hard to accept.Play good words, will let all the students are sidelined, and play good people, but also by many people as a god.There are also a lot of students, in their spare time will go to Internet cafes, because now there are mobile devices, so most of the students will play their games to the extreme, so in the holiday, they will stay up late.The bad habit of smoking, in the opinion of most parents, is bad for their study and health, but for most children, it makes them think “cool”.In fact, in middle school, there are many people whose thinking is not fully developed, they will easily imitate others and ignore their own bad habits.There are many middle school senior three, usually like to get together to have a drink, usually is to play with their classmates, usually there will be some students get together to have a meal, or take this opportunity, take this opportunity, we can have a drink together.There are also some students who have a drink at school, have a party at school where people can talk to each other, but most of the students are not yet adolescence, and alcohol can have a bad effect on their health.In the academic stage of junior high school students, it is very important to correctly guide children to develop good habits, bad behavior will have a bad impact on many children, and good cultivation will promote the progress of children.And when I was in junior high school students, and cultivate a good habit is the most important for a period of time, during this period of time, most of the children to focus on the academic, although said, high school education is not so difficult in high school, but once laid a solid foundation, will be on the back of the school caused great obstacles.In primary school, children’s character will become more stubborn. If they are too strict, their behavior will only become worse. In primary school, parents should pay more attention to their children’s education.Because playing often will cause bad harm to their body, so many parents will forbid them to play, let them become more rebellious, let them interested in the game.So, during the holidays, students can play as much as they like, because they are curious about everything around them, and they want to experience it, but the strong protest of their parents only encourages their curiosity and makes them want to rebel.In high school, learning is the most important, and the key middle school is a very important stage, because middle school can not only lay a solid foundation for their future studies, but also the results of middle school will affect their future entrance into high school, otherwise it is likely to affect their life.For middle school students, facing so many things, they really need to have enough concentration, because there are so many interesting things that will distract them.Therefore, for middle school children, there should be a clear goal, that is to get enough scores in the college entrance examination, what kind of school to be admitted, so as to let their children have a better development.For middle school students, in their learning, not only to learn self-restraint, but also by the guidance of parents, but also to fully understand and recognize them, but also pay attention to their thoughts, let them realize their own education and education as soon as possible.