Epson projector system experience general?How about this one?What are the advantages and disadvantages of reading fully know

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Epson projector as the representative of the traditional projector, there are many users in China to choose, often see users to search for understanding epson projector, Epson projector for home, today xiaobian take you to see how epson projector, Epson projector cost to share with you.The advantages and disadvantages of epson projector: using the bulb as the light source, image brightness uniformity, good color saturation, good level;More commercial, in the household steadily improve.Disadvantages: Epson projector on the market is mostly light bulb light source +LCD technology imaging mode, due to the high temperature of the bulb caused by the use of short time, using LCD technology imaging, large volume of a certain weight, the appearance is not good enough;Picture quality, low contrast, general clarity, graphics display, text display, black and white photo performance is general;Moreover, most of them do not have systems, while some use third-party operating systems. The optimization of functional development and design is relatively common. Functions such as 3D playback, motion compensation and automatic correction are not supported, and the experience is relatively ordinary.The user experience a process can also give a lot of feedback and evaluation: home projector other recommended so the choose and buy, in addition to the traditional projector epson brand, domestic and intelligent projector series, it has small volume, system functions and exquisite appearance design etc, many domestic home projector users choice now.And with the development of light source technology, laser intelligent projector, picture quality, brightness and traditional Epson projector are basically the same, and in the system of intelligent functional integration of more diverse, win user recognition.Consumer association has issued relevant reports, recommended laser projector, long life, high brightness output, high image reliability characteristics, is the important direction of the development of the future projector, there is the choice of intelligent projector.When the bay X3 intelligent projector best recommendation in epson each projector model, personal recommendation domestic intelligent projector, hot selling when the bay X3 laser projector, the whole body “black technology”.Dangbe X3 adopts high-end cinema-level ALPD light source, which is rare in China, with features of long life, high brightness, high contrast quality, prominent details, high color reduction and resistance to ambient light intensity.Brightness up to 3200ANSI lumens, even in the daytime, with anti-light screen better, as good as the Epson projector.When the shell X3 daytime real shot like a user to share the Epson TW5600 and when the shell X3 experience, said that the brightness of the intelligent projector to catch up with the bulb projector.The X3 intelligent operating system has a custom desktop, software channels can be moved to delete and add, support multi-task switching, and epson projector traditional fixed desktop is completely different;And mango TV/ IQiyi/Tencent and other video sources, music, sports, education and other network resources, far/near field voice remote control directly installed software, search, simple and fast.Among them, The far/near field voice remote control of Dangbei X3 can be intelligently controlled by space. Dangbei X3 can open software and play music on the sofa and bed at home.Unlike all Epson projectors, which only support near-field voice, you need to hold the remote at all times for voice control.The system also focuses on the development of cloud game area, games directly online play, without installing software, such as “Original God”, “Children of Light”, “Final Fantasy”, dozens of constantly updated game library.HDMI game mode, can be external SWITCH/PS5 and other host game equipment, as low as 20 milliseconds delay, super large screen to play entertainment and leisure large games, smooth control of the whole room.In addition to support 3D playback, motion compensation, auto focus/trapezoidal correction, mobile phone remote control, remote home, one key diagnosis and other intelligent functions, and these functions, epson projector system is not many.At the beginning of 2022, Dangbei X3 has won four major awards successively, including jingdong Digital Best High-end product of the Year, NetEase Digital Best Projector Brand, Influence product of, and Popular Star of the Year of Pacific Computer Network, perfectly interpreting the influence and popularity of best-selling projector.To sum up, how about epson projector, Epson projector good, Epson projector suitable for home, I believe we have a deeper understanding;If for intelligent system, picture quality respect takes seriously comprehensively, sell at present best when bei X3 laser projector is recommended to understand, valentine’s day, Lantern Festival can choose.The above is to bring you epson projector quality, how cost-effective content, I hope to help you, what questions welcome comments exchange.