Donghua University and Beihua University

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Donghua University is one of the “211” and “double First-class” universities directly under the Ministry of Education. It is located in the capital of Shanghai and has no obvious reputation. However, most people in Shanghai know donghua University, and the older people know its predecessor as China Textile University.There are many universities in Shanghai, such as Shanghai University, Tongji University and Fudan University, but Donghua University can still be counted in engineering colleges.Featured majors are textile engineering, clothing design, materials, energy and environmental systems engineering, automation, Japanese, information management and information systems and applied physics are good.There are two majors that rank first in China, namely fashion design and engineering and textile Engineering.Donghua University is famous for textile, because if textile is the second major in Donghua, no school dares to claim the first.The teachers and professors in the school are all masters in the textile industry. If you can have a good teacher, you don’t have to worry about basic master’s and doctor’s degrees.The clothing design and engineering major emphasizes the training of students’ practical skills through the engineering technology links, such as material performance and structure experiment, style design practice and sample technology practice, garment technology practice and so on.Graduates work in government administration departments, scientific research departments, enterprises, colleges and universities, and foreign-funded institutions in the garment field.And with the United States, Japan, The United Kingdom, South Korea and Hong Kong and other countries and regions of the garment colleges and universities have close cooperation.Automation ranked fourth in Shanghai, next only to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University and East China University of Science and Technology.It is the major that has doctor site, read read bo in the future to have advantage very much, read the integral that graduate student settles Shanghai in Donghua basically also is about the same.Job prospects are also good, is a versatile subject.Materials science and engineering employment prospects are very wide, the teachers are very good teaching quality, adequate funding, equipment and many.In many fields such as industry, construction, medical, aviation, household chemicals, machinery processing, petrochemical, steel manufacturing, etc.Also can be engaged in the job such as supervision of administration, quality to government branch, still take an examination of one part grind advanced study.Graduate pay is pretty good on the whole, basically see individual ability, obtain employment regional difference to wait.Information management and information system employment direction is also quite wide, teachers are very professional, employment is relatively easy.Such as IT, project management, and even financial digital direction can be, because the coverage of the course itself is relatively wide, like data structure, system analysis and design, object-oriented program design, business intelligence software, the management information system, enterprise resource planning, IT project management, financial management, management will be involved.The economics and Management majors of Donghua University are all relatively good majors in the university, especially the economics major, with good teaching atmosphere. Graduates are widely employed, mainly in foreign trade companies and enterprises, and some of them work in multinational companies. The employment rate of graduates is more than 90%.Outstanding graduates can be recommended to study for master degree in international trade, Finance and Industrial Economics without examination.Electrical engineering and automation major has a promising employment prospect. Graduates can be employed in various power plants, power supply departments of power systems, electric power survey, design and research units, and electric power management departments.Main courses of electrical automation major: Motor and drive, factory electrical control technology, power electronics technology, power electronics technology, SCM technology, PLC technology, electronic engineering drawing, factory power supply and distribution technology, comprehensive practical training of electronic technology, electrical equipment, English intensive reading, professional English.In a word, the school is located in a very good location, close to zhongshan Park business circle, and there are many future employment opportunities in Shanghai, which will also have certain advantages in employment.If you can’t get into Tongji University, Donghua is very competitive.Beihua University (BEIhua University) is located in jilin City, a charming city in China. Beihua University (BEIhua University) is the largest provincial key comprehensive university in Jilin Province, consisting of the former Jilin Normal University, Jilin Medical College, Jilin Forestry College and Jilin Electrified College. Beihua University has three campuses in the east, south and north and one affiliated hospital.Electrical Engineering and automation major is one of the flagship majors in the school. There are all kinds of laboratories, through which you can increase your practical ability, and it is a good place to learn.In Jilin, except northeast Electric Power And Jilin University, the electrical engineering score of Beihua is not high, and the cost performance is very good.Medical laboratory is the most popular and the most characteristic major in North China, which is valued by the school. The teachers are very good. They have good teaching experience and are very friendly.After graduation, I can work in clinical laboratory, blood bank, disease prevention and control center, etc. My major is also ranked among the top 30 schools in China.Pharmaceutical major is also good, postgraduate entrance examination is better, the country is paying more and more attention to this aspect of drugs, pharmaceutical major is still very promising, employment direction such as clinical pharmacist, clinical examination, clinical coordination and so on.Nursing is a relatively good major in North China, and the usual courses are tight, especially the experimental courses from the second year.The employment rate is indeed high, do not consider unemployment, is very tired clinical work, night shift difficult, family patient relationship processing, etc., to have a certain psychological preparation, salary, after entering the third class a hospital, to is very considerable.In general, Beihua University is one of the two comprehensive universities in Jilin Province. It has a certain degree of fame in Jilin province, but its competitiveness is weak compared with Donghua, Nanhua and Xihua universities.But with the school of same level than North China already calculated pretty good, medical science, normal education kind of major is ok still.