Cooperation city: training villages to revitalize humeral talent training industry development technology

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Cooperation in talent as promote the development of rural revitalization of high quality, create a farming village in the strong support of high quality life, spare no effort to “talent” investment and efforts to “cultivate talent”, by the high quality training for power quality improvement and personal growth, let people fall to the ground to take root, make rural revitalization strategy in the current city blooms.Aiming at the development orientation, advancing with The Times to improve the quality, and enabling the extension chain for the rich homes with business forms in the whole domain.Based on “three zones with” strategic positioning, focusing on the modern animal husbandry and cultural tourism, the first industry, with the aid of clustering development “cattle fodder antibacterial” six big favorable opportunity of featured industries, set up the precise training philosophy, modern animal husbandry, tour industry development ideas into local talent cultivation practice, through innovative cultivation way, expand training channels, perfecting the mechanism,We will strengthen the cultivation of scientific, cultural and professional literacy of farmers and herdsmen, provide them with all-round guidance on policy situation, information consultation, technology application, operation training and financial support, and improve their awareness of market economy, profit seeking and endogenous motivation to promote development.Up to now, the city has held 4 training sessions for high-quality farmers and herdsmen, training 350 skilled farmers and herdsmen.In Chinese herbal medicine planting (processing), Chinese cooking (Tibetan meal), excavators, loaders) driving and other practical skills training batch, 33 farming village practical talents training 1826 person-time, poverty labor 416, for the implementation of the ten thousand female author sumarizes the cow breeding, ten thousand head of the kernel yak purification and rejuvenation, ten thousand head card and Tibetan sheep breeding, ten thousand mu of combination of high quality grass planting,The “80,000 project” to increase the income of 10,000 farmers and herdsmen has provided a solid human resources guarantee.To stimulate entrepreneurial vitality and build a platform from top to bottom, it is a carrier for the integration of innovation homes with patterns in the whole region.We vigorously promoted innovation and entrepreneurship in farming and animal husbandry villages, built training bases for innovation and entrepreneurship incubation, and successfully held the first “Creative Wing Antelope City” Innovation and entrepreneurship Competition to create an atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship and cultivate awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship.We organized 298 rural migrant workers, laid-off workers and other laid-off workers to carry out SYB entrepreneurship training in the third phase.We made full use of network information technology and facilities, promoted the construction of e-commerce platform, held the first “Dragon Simmon Cup” Cooperation City Online celebrity and agricultural products live goods Competition, “June 18” and “Double 11” live goods activities 6 times, cultivated a total of more than 100,000 fans more than 20 short video anchors, more than 300,000 short video anchors 3.Close according to the development of electrical business, adopt the mode of theory teaching and the scene view, exchange activities such as organization to carry out the electronic commerce BBS, salon, teach collection, quality control, product processing and after-sales, and with the Internet and live goods online sales skills, encourage the development of individual electrical business entrepreneurs to the farming village, give electrical contractor site construction policies supporting,Improve the service level of rural e-commerce personnel, help local agricultural and animal husbandry products to do a good job in brand promotion and sales, and promote the healthy development of e-commerce industry and young talents.Tap the local potential, quality and weightlifting inheritance, for the whole cultural spiritual home comb the connotation.We will strengthen the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage projects such as “Khachinmu” and “Nanmute Tibetan Opera,” protect the local culture of ethnic minorities and folk cultures in farming and pastoral villages, and further explore folk artists and cultural groups such as Thangka, printmaking and painting artists, and original folk art, playing and singing.More than 20 experts and leaders have been trained to adhere to, inherit, promote and develop ethnic minority culture in farming and animal husbandry villages.To strengthen the construction of grass-roots professional cultural backbone team, hold training courses for grass-roots cultural backbone of the city, and organize the staff of wentu and Wentu museums as well as cultural officers of towns and subdistricts to go to Zhangye to observe the construction of public cultural system on-site.Mass culture folk art ensemble of encouraging civil attacks led by artists, in the traditional festivals, and communities in their cultural activities in farming village, fully activate farming village in their own culture, organization to carry out the “intangible holidays culture into m” series of activities, the Spring Festival performance “south wood,” Tibetan opera 24 games, all-round display of traditional folk artists,Enrich the people’s cultural life.Improve the reserve system, build on the past and nurture the eagles, and make preparations for the revitalization of the whole region’s happy home.Focusing on the long-term development of political power in farming and animal husbandry villages, we have made scientific plans and explored a long-term mechanism for selecting and cultivating reserve village cadres, and constantly strengthened the cultivation of reserve village cadres.We intensified research and investigation, expanded the reserve channels, and selected from the best of the best among full-time village secretaries, special posts for rural revitalization, migrant workers and businessmen, professionals capable of getting rich, college graduates and demobilized veterans to reserve 188 village-level reserve forces, including 106 under the age of 30 and 141 with college degrees or above.The orientation of training should be clear, and special training should be given to the situation and policies, party building knowledge, village planning, emergency response and practical skills.Establishing, perfecting the “one to one” help mechanism, adopt “old with new, stem DaiXun to practice can mention” cultivation mode, to provide backup village cadres practice platform, make a backup village officials attend village “two committees” conference, participate in comprehensive environmental control in rural revitalization, maintaining stability, such as the key work, widely contact and be familiar with the village affairs, enhance the acquisition, a sense of accomplishment and pride,Improve the ability to solve specific problems.(March) Source: Gannan Group Worker