Tianqiao District, Jinan city: Let citizens share the “green dividend” of urban development

2022-07-31 0 By

In 2022, Tianqiao District Garden greening Service Center of Jinan city will promote the construction of urban parks and greenway network in an orderly manner, actively promote the improvement of urban greening quality, create an urban green space system with equal emphasis on ecological benefits and landscape effects, and make greater contributions to the realization of the “rise in three years” and accelerate the construction of modern central city.We will continue to implement the city park construction in 2022 flyover landscaping service center actively implement along the Yellow River, built along the city road green green engineering, accelerate the greenway network, park green space construction, through effective using the small piece of green space in the city, the new deltoid street garden, such as vanke small their park park, with a total area of about 25000 square meters.The park garden in the design phase, in line with ecological development idea, to build high-quality goods project as the goal, to service the masses demand for foothold, will increase investment in public service facilities, on the design concept adopted natural type technique, through the fluent line connecting the various functional areas, each functional area at the same time to undertake the function of different space structure, forming an open green space,Create the four seasons evergreen, three seasons with flower landscape effect.The construction of the four parks will add greenery to the life of the citizens, enabling them to get closer to nature in their fast-paced life. While resting, entertaining and watching, the development environment will be optimized and the urban greening index will be improved.Actively promote the improvement of urban greening quality to fully implement the development of the “1339” strategy of the overpass, accelerate the rise of the whole area of the overpass, Tianqiao District identified 20 practical matters for the people in 2022.As part of the transformation and improvement of livable environment, xiyuan Community Park has begun to improve the function of the work.Through to park in the north and south stream, a new arch bridge and a convenient PingQiao, basketball court, laying plastic ground and 1.5 meters wide fitness trails, set the lighting facilities, leisure chairs, and promote content such as fence, make the water fully, effectively release space, greening landscape effect and recreational function and improved,For the surrounding residents to provide a good fitness, leisure, entertainment places.Thorough development landscape building features 2022, flyover landscaping service center to further enhance the level of city of fine management and build a more scientific and standardized city management system, build fine management as the goal, to city in a more perfect rules and regulations to protect, in a more specific maintenance management standard as a carrier of the fine management system,We will comprehensively improve the level of refined management of green space conservation.Work, the center continues to work hard to build road (blocks) landscape, planting base to break the rigid regulation, trees and rejuvenation, such as work, further improve the quality of urban greening landscape, and plans to through the mountain roads, baohua street, no shadow mountain road, camp street, officer camping backstreet, dike mouth road, such as 10 road greening, on the basis of the existing implementation of greening landscape.At the same time, it has continuously increased the greening guidance for sub-district offices, units stationed in the district and development and construction enterprises, carried out urban renewal and greening quality improvement, and extended the improvement of ecological greening and fine greening management to streets, communities and villages, so as to achieve unified standards, overall implementation and common improvement.