Solar term culture “favored”, fast times worth “slow taste”

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Zhejiang SATELLITE TV will launch “Good Season in China” and Henan SATELLITE TV will launch “Equinox Adventure”.These days, festivals are becoming more and more popular.Not only variety shows are targeting this area, but books, public accounts and community events are also writing articles about it.The 24 solar terms need “slow taste”, with its profound cultural connotation, in the fast times to reap a lot of love, become the spread of traditional culture, feel cultural confidence “base”.”Celebrating solar Terms into festivals” is the core theme of the Good Season of China series.Online data showed that the solar term cultural gala, which requires meditation and taste, was recognized.The main topics, such as “Song Rhyme in China’s good season is full” and “DNA moves when the thousand-hand Guanyin music rings”, have been read nearly 200 million times and discussed more than 28,000 times on Weibo.The netizen commented, “The original eating spring vegetables, swinging, kite is to celebrate the vernal equinox way, did not expect to see the party also took a class.”However, the origin of this solar term heat can be traced back to the design of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The “Start of Spring Message” and the “24 Solar terms countdown” show romance in Chinese style.Some netizens made wallpaper of the 24 solar terms with screenshots of the video, which was widely collected and forwarded.The 24 solar terms are the Chinese time system, which has been practiced in China for more than 2,000 years and was officially inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2016, said Xiao Fang, a professor with the department of Anthropology and Folklore at the College of Sociology at Beijing Normal University.”The more the nation is, the more the world is this saying, in the Winter Olympic Games 24 solar terms elements amazing the world results have been vividly proved.””We will combine the solar terms at that time and integrate the knowledge of solar terms and related traditional culture into the teaching plan, and the students are very willing to listen to it.”Beijing Fangshan district a primary school third grade Language teacher Peng Xiaoning told reporters.Peng xiaoning mentioned that his major is folklore.”There are no special courses at the school, but textbooks will cover solar term culture, so it makes sense to expand my major,” she said, adding that students are particularly interested in legends and customs of festivals during the lunar New Year, and some students actively share what they know.Lin Jia, the founding member of the wechat official account “Folk Custom of Beijing Normal University”, and his team have been working on popularizing the festival for seven years.The team felt the public’s call for solar term culture in the community practice.”We focus on the 24 solar terms, adding elements of traditional festivals and folk culture to form a framework for community and school activities.”Lin said, at present in Beijing chaoyang district FaTou street show productive series of activities, community residents feedback such activities design more continuity, reached a positive interaction.”In the Spring Festival of 2021, our team cooperated with Alipay to put the customs of the Spring Festival into five blessings cards, which reached hundreds of millions of users.”Linga told reporters that at present, there are game companies, publishing units and other initiatives to contact the cooperation opportunities, the market is gradually favored to explore the value of traditional culture, “we are happy to see the popularity of traditional culture emerge more followers, but also look forward to the integration of innovation and creators in different fields.”Speaking about the plan for future development, Linga said: “Sharing cooperation at different levels and with different targets is the direction of adjustment.Not only to the public account as the position of continuous deep cultivation, make the content more professional, more refined, but also to try short video, information platform and other carriers, do a good job of public popularity.”He believes that traditional Chinese culture, such as festivals, is full of charm and worth exploring.Xiao Fang believes that the combination of traditional culture and new media is the future direction of communication.While maintaining the core connotation of traditional culture, it is of great significance to innovate its communication methods and make more young people obsessed with traditional culture.Xiao Fang pointed out that folk culture is the culture gradually formed in the practice of people’s production and life. It is the condensation of people’s experience and wisdom in their long-term production and life, and plays the function of serving and beautifying people’s life.”For ordinary people to accept traditional culture, the most crucial thing is to find the connection between traditional culture and modern life, and complement and support modern life with the ideas and technologies of traditional culture.(Worker’s Daily reporter Liu Xiaoyan)