Hong Kong stocks in the year of the Tiger boom, A share festival after the outbreak?

2022-07-31 0 By

A shares are still in the Spring Festival holiday market today, but Hong Kong stocks have ushered in the year of the Tiger, the Year of the Tiger Hong Kong stocks have A comprehensive rise in the potential, after the opening of A shares can usher in A good start, A wave of rising trend?The Hong Kong stock market holiday is later than the A-share market, which has been closed since January 29 and will not open until February 7 for nine trading days.Hong Kong stocks were closed for the holiday after half a day of trading on Jan. 31, when the Hang Seng index rose as much as 1.8% before wobbling back to end the day up 1.07%.The Hong Kong stock market has less time during the Spring Festival holiday than a-shares, and began normal trading on February 4. Today, Hong Kong stocks ushered in the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger. The Hang Seng index opened 2.22% sharply, and then fell back in shock.Hong Kong stocks on the first day of the Year of the Tiger, a comprehensive rise trend, a number of weighted stocks have an overall rise, Alibaba up 5.65%, China Merchants Bank up 3.24%, Meituan up 3.28%, China Ping An up 4.6%, BYD up 7.05%, Baidu up 5.98%, Internet stocks have an overall rise, hang Seng Technology index up 3.05%.Hong Kong shares closed up 1.07 percent on the day after the a-share market was closed for half of the trading day, and rose another 3.24 percent on today’s first trading day of the Year of the Tiger. That means Hong Kong shares rose more than 4 percent after the A-share market was closed for the Chinese New Year.Hong Kong stocks rise, will be positive for A shares, Hong Kong stocks of technology stocks rise, growth shares of A shares have A significant boost, and Hong Kong stocks of financial stocks rise, A+H shares will bring positive effect, driving A shares blue chip stronger after the holiday.Last night, the U.S. stock market appeared a killing trend, the three major U.S. stock indexes all fell, the Dow Jones Index fell 1.45%, the S&P 500 dropped 2.44%, the NASDAQ index fell 3.74%, the NASDAQ index also set a record of the biggest one-day decline since the adjustment.The decline in U.S. stocks was influenced by two main factors: first, concerns about the Fed’s overtightening, the inverted 10-year Treasury yield curve and rising investor pessimism;Second, Meta, a technology giant in the US stock market, plunged 26% in a single day as its fourth-quarter earnings fell short of expectations, setting a record for the biggest one-day market value decline in the HISTORY of the US stock market.A shares will usher in the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger next Monday, so what will happen to A shares on the first day of the Year of the Tiger?What kind of impact will the short – term us stocks have?First, although the U.S. stocks on Thursday in exodus, but we also need to see, U.S. stocks came after A continuous rise, the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 index in the daily quadruple Yang, even appeared yesterday as three index is still up this week, the impact on the a-share market is still A positive end surface.Second, before the a-share market opened, the peripheral market is also A day, today the European stock market opened the overall stabilisation, the ftse index rallied, have returned to near the top of the former winners before Chinese New Year, and the dow Jones industrial average period refers to take the lead in A rebound, performance significantly more than expected, and amazon jumped 14.24% premarket, herald today U.S. stocks rebounded as A whole.Third, A shares before the Spring Festival, is out of the falling trend, until the last trading day before festival is still in the exodus, short of kinetic energy has been fully released, this round winners too pessimistic factors are closed after the Spring Festival holiday, investor sentiment has stabilized, and after the Spring Festival, liquidity will have markedly improved, been A push to A shares.Therefore, A shares next Monday will inevitably usher in the year of the Tiger to start the trend, Hong Kong stocks have opened in the year of the tiger A good start, A surge trend, A50 refers to during the rest of the market also appeared A continuous rebound, after the A shares will usher in an inflection point, A wave of strong offensive trend.