Here comes the plot!The CCTV Spring Festival Gala will be 40 years old soon.

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Today is the last working day before the Spring Festival holiday!The vacation you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here!The 2022 Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Tiger held its final line-up yesterday, and this year’s gala opened in a very special way.Together and see “revealed that the plot” blues with Spring Festival gala on new song “hope can Taiwan friends back home to have a look” blues singer has repeatedly take part in the Spring Festival gala, he said, every time on stage with you New Year’s day is a very happy, very proud thing, “I hope everyone can feel our heartfelt blessing”.As for the content of this year’s performance, Siu jingteng kept it a secret: “I will not reveal it, but I will give you a very positive, very energetic new song.”But he still gave a hint, Xiao Jingteng said, “I believe there are a lot of Friends in Taiwan will miss their hometown, if you hear this song, have the opportunity to go back to their home to have a look.”His comment, which has been trending online, resonated with many netizens: “Welcome compatriots to come back and visit us often!”Deng Chao, an actor, was both excited and nervous when he appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala for the first time, saying, “I’m glad it’s my turn at last, and THEN I got nervous.This is the event that everyone is looking forward to. We should not let go of the tape until it is finished.This year, Deng will perform with Li Yuchun and Yi Yangqianxi. “It will be an unprecedented diversity of sound and light,” he said.On the Spring Festival Gala again,They say “Spring Festival gala is like old friends” for chun-kai wang is on the seventh day television gala gala is like an “old friend” “everybody is on such a night with family reunions, renewing it meet happy New Year” yu can only say oneself and spring night very decree by destiny “gala was founded in 1983, I was born in 1983 the second came to the stage of the Spring Festival gala,Very happy this year, “yu, will and li-ying zhao wei, Zhu Yilong, chun-kai wang four people from the deductive song” the song have a look back at the past and look forward to a better future to open feeling “in addition, there are many familiar stars also released forecast eggs, singer Wang Jiaer released” malicious words “:” Spring Festival gala, you don’t see, you cheated!”Angela chang will collaborate with Li Ronghao to sing a song about love, appearing on the gala stage several times. Angela said that during the Gala, “we will feel the progress of science and technology, but the only constant is the love and warmth of everyone watching the Gala.”According to the official wechat release, the Spring Festival Gala was officially launched on January 25.For the first time, the Year of the Tiger’s Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast live in portrait mode on the video number.Portrait viewers are bigger, closer, more immersed, and even can’t miss micro expressions……The Spring Festival Gala production team specially arranged a number of vertical camera positions to ensure a unique perspective of high-quality live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala.”Mobile phone custom” Spring Festival Gala, are you looking forward to?In 1983, CCTV successfully held the first Live Broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala.The 2022 Spring Festival Gala, the Year of the Tiger, will be our 40th Spring Festival Gala.Some people look forward to the pop songs in the Spring Festival Gala.In 1984, the song “My Chinese Heart” went viral.The singer, Zhang Mingmin, dressed in a suit and grey scarf, said, “Although wearing a dress, my heart is still Chinese.”Some people love the contribution of the golden line in the sketch.”Nodding yes, shaking his head no”, “flowering in spring 14 to 56, June six to see the Valley show, spring dozen six nine, so packaging is simply too uncomfortable…”Others saw the power of “top flow with goods” in the Gala.In 1988, MAO appeared on the Spring Festival Gala and shot to fame with his song “Missing”.Classic yellow shoulder pads, pithy hair…The costume was constantly imitated.By 2020, Zhang Xiaofei, who appeared in the sketch Mother-in-law, contributed to the hot search for “pink sweater”.The constant appearance of fashion symbols in the Spring Festival Gala can be regarded as a witness to the “aesthetic change”.”Watching the Spring Festival Gala” has become a habit of many people, a “custom” in many families, because in addition to bringing people laughter, it is also a stage to convey love and strength.In 2005 Spring Festival Gala, thousand-handed Guanyin amazed the world.The China Disabled People’s Art Troupe, with superb dance skills and wonderful performances, has expressed the beauty of Chinese traditional culture, such as imagery and philosophy.Decades in the blink of an eye.Today’s Spring Festival Gala incorporates more high-tech and other elements, and the laughter and emotion that have accompanied it over the years are often mentioned, as vividly as yesterday.About the Spring Festival Gala, everyone has their own “exclusive memory”.Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, are you going to watch it?Which show are you most looking forward to?Jiuquan Radio and TELEVISION Xiaobian: Liu Jiwen source: integrated CCTV news, Shanghai News Broadcast, China News Network (copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact xiaobian) Gansu Province Internet news information service License Number: 62120180032