HDS 8/18-4 M Kach hot water high-pressure cleaning machine, high temperature and high pressure oil washing equipment, 180 hot water

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Xi ‘an Shengshidar cleaning equipment HDS 8/18-4 M Kach hot water high pressure cleaning machine, Karcher intermediate hot water high pressure washing machine, Germany Kach high temperature high pressure hot water machine, flow: 400-800 (L /h), working pressure: 3-18 (MPa), temperature:80-155 (c) HDS 8/18-4 M Kach water heater, with 6 key features that are widely acclaimed.1. New Eco mode for environmental protection, higher efficiency, service switch for water hardness control, turbine fan, detergent metering, optimized combustion furnace technology and pump.2. Be user-friendly.Through the control panel to achieve.Intuitive operation, anti-theft bracket, LED display and so on.3. Cleaning performance.Nozzle technology, ceramic pistons, turbine fans and higher pump efficiency ensure cleanliness.The accessories are optimized for specific applications to meet the specific requirements of customers.4. Mobility.The mobility concept is embodied in two steering rollers, large rubber wheels, ergonomic push handles, forklift handling options, tether rings and tilting AIDS to ensure smooth transportation.5. Operation reliability.Through the smoke monitoring, anti-corrosion properties, anti-bending, strong chassis, machine protection system, 3 piston axial flow pump and ceramic piston, heat resistant flue gas outlet and so on.6. Friendly service.It is easy to disassemble and assemble the parts that need to be repaired, and the service switch is set up to call the operation data at any time for troubleshooting.HDS 8/18-4 M Kach water heater features 1 efficiency, in environmental mode, the machine operates in a more economical temperature range (60°C), using full flow.The burner cycle is optimized to reduce fuel consumption compared to running at full capacity.2 efficiency, after repeated testing and verification of burner technology quadrupole-low speed operation motor to ensure long working time 3 safe operation, the use of large integrated fine hole water filter, can reliably prevent dirt particles into the high pressure pump.Integrated exhaust thermostatic controller, if the exhaust temperature exceeds 300°C, can turn off the drive motor.Soft cushioning system (SDS) can counteract vibration and pressure shock in high pressure system.Mobility concept, “walking” design, using large rubber wheels and rotating casters.The whole tilt auxiliary device can easily pass the obstacles such as steps and roadsides.5 storage, spacious storage for protection of gears, accessories and cleaners,Storage rack for power line and high pressure pipe HDS 8/18-4 M card hot water machine technical data temperature (water 12°C) (Celsius) 80-155 weight (kg)159,3 power line (M)5 fuel tank (l)25 power supply (PH/ volt/Hertz) 3/400/50 dimensions (l x w x h)(mm)1330 x 750 x 1060 fuel consumption (kg/h)5,3 demand (l/h) 400-800 connection line (kw)5.5 working pressure (bar/mpa) 30/180/3/18 equipment configuration: spray gun rod, 1050 mm;Spray gun,;High pressure tube, 10 m;Dry operation stop;The distortion;2 detergent containers;Control panel and indicator light;Electronic service control with LED display;Phase line conversion plug (3 phase);Pressure switch control;Vehicle cleaning for detergent, scale remover and fuel tank applications;Equipment and machine cleaning;Workshop cleaning;Service station cleaning;House facade cleaning;Swimming pool cleaning;Cleaning production equipment;Cleaning in the production process;Sports facilities cleaning reprint please mark www.seastarqj.com