Eat he ting for a long time, how to avoid liver damage and muscle pain?These three points are helpful for medication safety

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Uncle Wang, 58, is a hyperlipidemia patient who has been taking simvastatin.Recently, Uncle Wang often feels his arms and legs are a little sore, uncle Wang thought that he did not rest well, take a good rest for a few days.But a week later, uncle Wang’s muscle pain symptoms did not ease, but more and more serious, Uncle Wang could not sit still, immediately went to the hospital for examination.After the doctor’s examination, uncle Wang found that in addition to the symptoms of muscle pain, there is some liver damage!Uncle Wang couldn’t believe it. Didn’t he come to see the muscle pain?How did you find liver damage?The doctor explained to Uncle Wang that his current condition was caused by taking statins for a long time.Uncle Wang listened to a little angry, said to the doctor, he is a patient with hyperlipidemia, do not take the drugs to reduce blood fat is going to have an accident, I take my drugs, how well caused liver damage and muscle pain?The doctor asked Uncle Wang to recall whether he had eaten anything during this period and whether he had regular check-ups.Uncle Wang falter, said he usually like to eat some chicken kidney, giblets, although it is really a period of time did not come to review, but also not suddenly become liver injury and muscle pain?To understand the problem, doctors say, we need to understand what high blood fat is and what statins are.First, what is high blood fat?Hyperlipidemia is a common disease in the society, mainly manifested in abnormal metabolism of lipoprotein (including total cholesterol, triglyceride and low-density protein cholesterol) in human body.When patients suffer from hyperlipidemia, there are almost no other symptoms at the beginning, and most of them are detected during physical examination or doctor’s visit (other diseases, or complications caused by hyperlipidemia, etc.).There are many reasons for hyperlipidemia, the more common are genetic factors (such as genetic gene defects), bad living habits (such as overeating, irregular life, alcohol addiction, etc.) and long-term use of certain drugs (such as antihypertensive drugs, oral contraceptives, etc.).Hyperlipidemia can be divided into primary hyperlipidemia (mostly concerned with heredity) and secondary hyperlipidemia (mostly caused by acquired factors), the harm to human body is very big.Long-term abnormal elevation of blood lipids may lead to atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, ischemic stroke and other diseases, and even death of patients in serious cases. Therefore, hyperlipidemia must not be underestimated. Once patients are diagnosed with hyperlipidemia, they must take medicine for treatment.At present, clinically, drugs commonly used to treat hyperlipidemia are mainly statins, such as simvastatin, lovastatin, pravastatin and atorvastatin, which Uncle Wang often takes.What are statins?Statins are also currently recognized by the medical community as the most useful lipid-lowering drugs.Full name is 3- hydroxy-3 methyl glutaryl CoA (HMG-COA) reductase inhibitor.The reason why statins are called the most useful hypidemia drugs is that their pharmacological effects are very strong: 1) Hypidemia statins can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in blood vessels by competitive inhibition of hydroxymethylglutarate mono-acyl-coA reductase, thus reducing blood lipids and serum.2) Treatment of atherosclerosis Statins can inhibit cholesterol synthesis, stabilize plaque and relieve lumen stenosis, thus treating atherosclerosis.3) Treatment of cardiovascular diseases Statins can not only reduce blood lipids, but also protect the cardiovascular system. They also have a good protective effect on the heart and brain.In addition, statins improve the endothelium of blood vessels, helping with antioxidants and inflammation.Therefore, statins are also favored by people with high blood lipid levels.However, statins are not suitable for all patients with hyperlipidemia, and should not be used by the following groups: 1) patients with abnormal liver function 2) patients with myopathy 3) pregnant and lactating women Since the efficacy of statins is so good, why can long-term use of statins still cause liver damage and muscle pain?3. Why do statins cause liver damage and muscle pain?And when it comes to that, we have to talk about the adverse effects of statins.Although statins have a very good effect on lowering blood lipids, I believe we have all heard the saying that they are three toxic drugs. No matter any drug is used for a long time, it will definitely cause certain damage to the body.However, long-term use of statins may easily lead to some adverse reactions, such as:1) gastrointestinal tract gastrointestinal reaction can be said to be the statins one of the most common adverse reactions, patients after taking statins, there may be a stomach bilges, symptoms of nausea and vomiting, if symptoms are mild, so patients don’t have to care about, if symptoms are especially serious, then advised patients to go to a doctor as soon as possible, seek the help of the doctor.2) liver damaged front of us said, in patients with damage to liver function, it is not recommend the use of statins, this is because, when statin drug into the patient’s body, mainly through the metabolism of liver and kidney, if liver function is impaired, then statins drain out, long-term accumulation, easy cause drug poisoning.However, for people with normal liver function, long-term use of statins and long-term operation of the liver may lead to elevated alanine aminotransferase, resulting in liver damage.3) lead to muscle pain than the previous two, the symptoms of muscle soreness is relatively rare, but there are a lot of hyperlipidemia patients after long-term use of statins in muscle soreness, because statins may lead to rhabdomyolysis, muscle soreness, if in the event of muscle soreness, patients should also be timely medical treatment.In addition, long-term use of statins, patients may also suffer from insomnia, allergies (such as rashes, erythema) and other adverse reactions.What do you need to do if you want to avoid liver damage and muscle soreness while taking statins?The doctor made three recommendations.Iv. How to avoid liver injury and muscle pain when taking statins for a long time?1) Regular liver function monitoring Since long-term use of statins may lead to liver damage, it is recommended that patients regularly go to the hospital to have their liver function tested before taking statins.If did not appear liver function is abnormal, can continue to take medicine, once appear the circumstance that liver function is damaged, should stop medicine in time, consult a doctor to seek remedial method.The patient can let the doctor choose to review time according to his physical condition, but must remember, must not always think up to go, do not think up not to go.2) The correct use of drug dose to treat hyperlipidemia needs a gradual process. Do not think that taking more drugs can be quickly cured, and then increase the drug dose without authorization, which is very harmful to the body.If it does not work well, you should also consult your doctor and use the drug under your doctor’s guidance.If you find any uncomfortable symptoms during medication, you should also report them to the doctor in time.3) Daily attention to diet patients with high blood lipid in daily life, to pay special attention to diet!High calorie high fat food is best not to eat, and high cholesterol animal viscera, also do not eat.Mr. Wang, the example in this article, likes to eat animal offal, so this kind of food will appear on the table every once in a while.Therefore, it is suggested that patients with hyperlipidemia should pay more attention to supplement fresh fruits and vegetables, dietary fiber, exercise regularly every week, go to bed early and get up early, do not stay up late, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.In addition, patients with hyperlipidemia should regularly monitor their blood lipids, control their weight, not to be overweight, but also quit smoking and drinking, and live a healthy life.Conclusion: If you take statins for a long time, you must pay attention to monitor your liver function. You should eat less food that you can’t eat at ordinary times, and don’t let your body suffer harm that you shouldn’t for the sake of temporary delicious food.Also want regular review, don’t be like Mr. Wang, always thought of to go again, this is the great irresponsibility of his body.