Can a car run without a cylinder?

2022-07-31 0 By

Can the car go on without a cylinder?For this problem, according to my decades of maintenance experience, in some cases the engine cylinder can continue to run, but the engine jitter is severe, refueling is not smooth, fuel consumption increases, the exhaust pipe may be serious black smoke.In some cases, it is not possible to continue driving, otherwise major mechanical failure may occur, resulting in greater losses.So, under what circumstances, the engine cylinder vehicle can continue to drive?First, the single cylinder ignition coil, spark plug damage, the vehicle can continue to drive.But if the cylinder does not work, the engine will have a popping phenomenon.And idle is unstable, and even flameout, it is difficult to start and add fuel, fuel consumption increases, and the exhaust pipe has black smoke.Mainly because the mixture in the cylinder can not burn, so the cylinder does not work, and then discharged through the exhaust valve in the exhaust pipe after deflagration.Secondly, the valve has no clearance, and the gas door is seriously closed.At this time there is no pressure in the cylinder, can not enter the air, fuel can not burn, so the cylinder does not work.Third, excessive wear of piston ring and piston, too large clearance with cylinder liner, resulting in very low cylinder pressure, the cylinder does not work.This can result in fuel entering the sump and oil production increasing.Fourth, the nozzle is blocked without oil injection.In this case only air enters the cylinder, there is no fuel or too little fuel, and the cylinder is not working.Under normal circumstances, the engine has a cylinder does not work, it can drive.It’s just a bad engine.Therefore, this driving is temporary, but also as soon as possible to repair.And in some cases, the engine cylinder is not working is not driving.This situation is generally accompanied by abnormal engine sound.First, if the gas door breaks or falls off, in this case, the cylinder is not working, but the vehicle can not continue to drive.Because after the air valve is broken, the piston will be broken, at this time there may be a noisy sound, if it is to continue driving, it is estimated that the connecting rod will break the cylinder block.Secondly, if the connecting rod bearing is loose and leads to no cylinder pressure, the cylinder does not work, nor can it continue to run, otherwise the engine may be scrapped.Also, if the cylinder liner is blown, you can’t continue driving.Therefore, when the engine cylinder does not work, if there is no abnormal sound, generally can continue to drive, but do not drive for a long time, to repair as soon as possible.In particular, pay attention to whether the oil volume of the oil pan increases. If it increases, it must be repaired and the oil must be replaced.In particular, a cylinder of old vehicles does not work to continue to run more, this situation is mostly caused by the failure of spark plug and ignition coil, generally as long as the replacement is no problem.But if it’s a noise, we can’t drive.Personal maintenance experience to share, welcome comments.