Stereotactic radiotherapy is a new weapon to achieve the same effect without scalpel in elderly patients with cancer

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Cancer is a disease that comes with age.From the current statistical data on the incidence of cancer, also confirmed that cancer is “senile disease”.Authoritative statistics on the incidence of cancer in China show that the incidence of cancer is at a low level in 0-39 years old, begins to rise rapidly after 40 years old, and reaches a peak level in the age group over 80 years old.Old Man Liu (pseudonym) is 72 years old and frail. He has suffered from coronary heart disease for years.A few days ago to the local hospital examination, but also found a right lung next to the heart of a lump, diagnosed as early lung cancer.The old man wanted surgery, and the family was worried.Due to his poor health condition and severe coronary heart disease, liu refused the surgical plan offered by the local hospital and came to the International Precision Oncology Center of Jinshazhou Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine after many inquiries.Upon arrival at the International Precision Oncology Center, Vice President Tang Cuixian immediately carried out a multidisciplinary oncology (MDT) joint consultation for Uncle Liu.Deng Cuixian vice dean, the tumor radiosurgery leaders, the national famous expert professor Long Zhixiong, armed police corps hospital of guangdong province, professor, director of oncology LLLDD fine experts and professor leader yu-fang ma in combination with the practical situation of patients, after careful analysis, decided to adopt varian TrueBeam linear accelerator,Patients were treated with stereotactic radiotherapy using a combination of deep inspiratory breath holding and optical body surface tracing.Varian TrueBeam system introduced by our hospital has the advantages of high integration, high automation and high intelligence. Advanced image-guided volumetric rotational intensity modulated radiotherapy, stereoscopic directional radiotherapy and other high precision radiotherapy for tumors in various parts of the body, further improving radiotherapy from “traditional accurate radiotherapy” to “intelligent accurate radiotherapy”.The TrueBeam system features high dose, high intelligence, high precision, and high safety. Its ultra-high dose rate of 1400 hops per minute is beyond the reach of previous accelerators.High-intensity therapeutic “firepower” will instantly give tumor damage ablation irradiation, which leads to 6 times of radiation dose per unit time, can improve the radiotherapy efficiency by 5 to 10 times, shorten the treatment time from 15 to 20 minutes to 3 to 5 minutes, and can minimize the error caused by organ movement problems in the irradiation.Why do you choose stereotactic radiotherapy for Uncle Liu?Stereotactic radiotherapy is the ablative treatment of tumors using radiation.The biggest characteristic of stereotactic radiotherapy is “painless and non-invasive”. It is like an invisible light knife, which can kill tumor cells invisible, just like surgical surgery to remove tumors. It uses radiation to achieve the purpose of precise “removal” of tumors.Stereotactic radiotherapy completely accords with the treatment of the grandpa liu and family expectations, to well protected from the tumor area of organ function, avoid the risk of surgery related complications and, kill tumor without affecting the integrity of appearance and body organs, good effect and side effect is small, make the patient to keep good quality of life.Dr. Deng Cuixian, Vice President, International Precision Oncology Center, Jinshazhou Hospital, Guangzhou University of Chinese MedicineVarian TrueBeam linear accelerator integrates real-time tumor tracking technology, respiratory gating technology, imaging and therapeutic irradiation OBI system, and high-precision six-dimensional treatment bed.Can support intensity modulated radiotherapy, image guided intensity modulated radiotherapy, rapid volumetric intensity modulated radiotherapy, gated rapid volumetric intensity modulated radiotherapy, whole body radiotherapy and intracranial SRS stereotactic radiosurgery and other advanced radiotherapy technologies.It can fully meet the clinical diagnosis and treatment needs of primary or secondary tumors including nervous system tumors, head and neck, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity, limbs and other parts of the body.For patients with early-stage lung cancer, stereotactic radiotherapy can be as effective as surgical treatment without anesthesia and without the risk of surgically related bleeding and infection.It is especially suitable for elderly, infirm and patients with complications.The vast majority of patients can return to normal life immediately after treatment, Tang added.In the future, more tumor patients like Liu, who are too old for surgical treatment, will benefit from it.At present, precision medicine has become a hot field of medical attention, and China’s medical model is undergoing a new revolution because of precision medicine.The International Precision Oncology Center of Jinshazhou Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine brings together more than 30 domestic and foreign oncology experts with rich clinical and academic experience. The academic scope covers 15 oncology subspecialties, representing the leading level of MDT multidisciplinary consultation in the world.Here, cancer patients can not only have a detailed one-to-one consultation with the expert-level chief physician, but also enjoy the comprehensive consultation of the “all-star” expert team, so as to obtain truly more accurate and appropriate treatment plan.At the same time, the International Precision Oncology Center adopts the most advanced precision diagnosis and treatment technology and precise combination of diagnosis and treatment equipment in the world, and introduces a series of intelligent precision radiotherapy equipment, such as the country’s first sixth generation of fully digital M6 cyberknife, Varian TrueBeam system, Halcyon linear accelerator, TOMO spiral tomography radiotherapy system.With the international leading tumor diagnostic equipment such as Siemens two-photon four-dimensional large aperture CT simulation locator, PET/CT, PET/MR, etc., a complete set of intelligent precision radiotherapy system has been formed, which can treat all kinds of early, middle and late tumors with high precision, high efficacy and low damage.For the south China region and even the whole country tumor patients to provide international synchronization of high-quality medical services, for them to bring new hope, open a new milepost, let more patients from here on the road to recovery.Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.