Promote the “three new” curriculum reform teachers collective research

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– jiangsu haian city middle school organize activities of young and middle-aged teachers collective research topic For promoting “sanxin” under the background of new curriculum reform, first of all kinds of evaluation activities of docking, build strong main preparation activities atmosphere, improve the overall level of the four-star high school teachers, February 16 to 18, jiangsu haian city hair middle school for three mock exam as an opportunity for the first time,Organized the young and middle-aged teachers in the whole school to conduct collective research activities, and participated in the Nantong Model examination of the subject.Lifa Middle School attaches great importance to the professional development of teachers, and has always carried out collective research as a routine teaching and research work.This research activity improved the professional skills of teachers, established the exploration consciousness of teaching and learning, learning and examination, got out of the dilemma of what to teach, how to teach and how to learn, and helped improve the overall level of teachers.Collective research topic activity after the symposium of young teachers, this collective research topic is to create high-quality teachers, school education and improve the teaching quality of another important link, set hair high school will continue to carry out all kinds of activities for the young and middle-aged teachers professional development, high-quality sustainable development for the school teachers to lay a solid foundation!Editor in charge: Wang Wei