Mermaid: Revenge plans aside, some of Ya Liying’s actions are pretty bad

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Guide language: “mermaid young lady” inside zhang Ruixi personates Yin Yali ying, xiaobian knows the goddess in the heart of a lot of people, xiaobian also likes her very much, especially when watching this drama at the beginning, the perfect woman that lives elegant Li ying in that way, became xiaobian lifetime almost the direction that makes efforts for.But later slowly grow up, only to find that in fact Ya Liying is not so perfect, it can be said that some “slag”.Does Alice deserve revenge?Revenge, of course!Shen Xiuzhen and Yin Zhenxie two people do things, caused very big harm to Ya Liying mother and daughter, and even indirectly killed ya Liying’s brother, her mother is therefore blind, Ya Liying bearing the blind mother, and the burden of life, her growth pressure can be imagined.So no matter how long the past, Ya Liying should revenge, but there are many ways of revenge, Ya Liying chose a very cruel way to their own.She followed the practice of Shen Xiuzhen in those days, robbed the half-sister Yin Ruiying fiance Zhu Wang, Shen Xiuzhen is really hateful, she took the knife to love, robbed her bestie sister’s husband, but Ya Liying do so, with the shen Xiuzhen what is different?Ya Liying can completely through their own efforts to live better, such as married to a more excellent man, like the yuan Ji universe group, she not only became a rich family wife, and also became a well-known screenwriter, such glory and halo, in fact, is the biggest revenge on Yin Zhenxie and Shen Xiuzhen.But Ya Li ying chose the way of revenge “to the other way to apply the other body”, put aside her hatred, because Ya Li ying’s revenge, in fact, a lot of innocent people, isn’t it?Especially for Yuan Ji and Zhu Wang, Ya Li ying even some “slag”.Does Ya Li ying love yuan Ji?Of course not!She just took Yuan Ji as an object of practice, where she released her charm to her heart’s desire, so that Yuan Ji was fascinated by her, so that yuan Ji could not stop for her, she could not even marry another woman, and could not fall in love with another woman.But elegant li ying is for revenge however, say to part company with the yuan ji that love 8 years to part company!Yes, as long as did not get married, there is the right to say part company between lovers, but Elegant Li ying placed clear is playing with yuan ji’s feelings is not?She had practiced enough and learned how to seduce a rich man. Then she kicked Yuanji out and pretended to be “HELPLESS, helpless, innocent”. In fact, from Yuanji’s point of view, it was really terrible and annoying!Talk about Zhu Wang again, Ya Liying is deliberately close to Zhu Wang, she has eight years of rich experience, like Zhu Wang this childe was ya Liying won in fact very easy, but also in the expected.Ya Li ying with Zhu Wang to maintain an ambiguous relationship, but after zhu Wang engaged to launch a general attack, and Zhu Wang side of Yin Rui Ying unfeeling to cancel the engagement, while with Ya Li ying happily sweet, the engagement is to Yin Rui Ying hurt a lot, but zhu Wang is not without impact.We had agreed that after Juwon got engaged, she would leave them alone, but she deliberately got drunk and asked Juwon to pick her up, which was quite high-end green tea behavior.And zhu Wang later insisted on good with Ya Liying, everyone’s explanation is Ya Liying is innocent, is his own problem, so you see Ya Liying is the high-end player, the original sentence “high-end hunters are put in the position of the prey” is true, really do not deceive me!And Zhu Wang has been like ya Liying pull the same, like a puppet, let him come back to have to come back, let him go to Yin Ruiying have to go to Yin Ruiying.This really with Zhu Wang’s character and personality also have a relationship, but Ya Li ying’s means can not help but really very clever ah!In fact, Yin Ruiying is also very innocent, her parents made a mistake, why let her bear so much?In fact, even if Ya Liying does not revenge, Shen Xiuzhen and Yin Zhenxie will suffer retribution, the world where there is an impermeable wall?If Ya Liying married yuan Ji, became the daughter-in-law of the universe group, also became a well-known scriptwriter, Shen Xiuzhen will fall into disgrace sooner or later, and Yin Ruiying even married Zhu Wang, one because of Shen Xiuzhen, two because of Yin Ruiying’s infertility, they will suffer mental torture.Yin Zhenxie will start a business failure, these even if Ya Liying does not intervene, will happen!But Ya Liying must in such a way of revenge, the result of a lot of innocent people do not say, they have not been happy, why?Therefore, to be a person, we should learn to let go and get over it. Otherwise, we should always carry hatred and heartbreak, hurting ourselves and the people around us, which is a burden to both ourselves and others, isn’t it?