Husband looking for first love to help deliver, did not think but hurt his wife, caesarean section two ovaries did not | law lecture

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He Qiang’s family condition is not good, however, he studies very well, is an excellent student, admitted to a key university.University just graduated, he chose education is not very high, but, very beautiful girl Wang Sha got married.At the time, they were both in their twenties.He chose Wang Sha because of his low self-esteem and poor family conditions. He felt that people with the same educational background as him could not look down on him.He could only choose one with poor education background and good looks.They were also very loving together, and he was very kind to his wife.His wife Wang Sha is also very grateful to him, even a little worship him, because he knows a lot, he did not mind his low education.Not long after their marriage, Wang sha became pregnant.With the stability of His job and the improvement of his income, they don’t need to worry about life anymore, and now they are able to raise their children.So they decided to have the baby.The husband finds out amorous person to help deliver a baby, the wife disposition after production changes greatly he Qiang is the city that goes to school in oneself works, there are a lot of his classmate here.As it happens, he knows that in the best hospital in the city, there is one of his classmates and his first love.He wanted to find this student, who he knew also happened to be an ob/GYN, to deliver his wife’s baby.He got in touch with this classmate, whom Wang sha had always looked for when she had her prenatal check-up.When giving birth, the classmate suggested he Qiang’s wife choose caesarean section, she should operate the operation herself.He Qiang still believes to her very much, because once when they are first love.On the day of delivery, Wang sha gave birth to a girl, and mother and daughter are doing well.He Qiang was very happy. He was very grateful to his wife. He knew it was not easy for a woman to give birth.However, it was not long after the two of them returned home that the conflict between them erupted.Wang Sha has been a different person since she had her baby.She doesn’t look like the little woman she used to be.Wang sha hasn’t had a lunar month since she gave birth.Her skin is not as good and shiny as it used to be.Before she had a baby, she was a beautiful woman.However, after giving birth, she felt as if she had aged ten years. She didn’t think it was abnormal.She couldn’t bear her husband more than anything. She was no longer interested in him.However, his husband is a normal person ah, in the face of such a wife, his husband felt his wife cold.The relationship between the two people is getting worse and worse, and they will even quarrel because they talk loudly at dinner.It was obvious that the two of them could not live together.The husband and his wife got divorced. In fact, neither of them wanted to get divorced, but they couldn’t live with themselves now.Below the circumstance that held to the life 5 years in them, he Qiang finally unbearable, he put forward divorce to wife Wang Sha.After he asked for a divorce, Wang Sha cried.Wang Sha feels he Qiang is a white eyed Wolf, when he is young and beautiful, he chooses to marry with himself.Now that he was no longer pretty, he chose to leave his wife.She told he Qiang that you chose to divorce me just because I was no longer beautiful. You would be punished and your relatives and friends would see you clearly.Wang Sha doesn’t want a divorce.But when she saw herself in the mirror, only in her twenties and looking as if she were in her fifties, the reality dawned on her.She felt now to the man also not interested, not divorce, so it seems unfair to he Qiang.She and her husband said their own ideas, children to he Qiang, they two divorce, the day after her a person.He Qiang agreed.After the divorce, Wang sha worked and lived alone.Once a month, He Qiang visited her with his daughter.Life went on like this, Wang Sha never thought that her body had changed, which was caused deliberately.Wang Sha suspects her ovary gave a problem but, because of the broadcast of a program, let her heart give birth to doubts.She remembered that it was a health program, said that women should maintain good ovaries, especially young women, ovaries is not only related to the problem of women’s fertility, to women’s skin, to women’s characteristics, but also plays a key role.You know, ovaries are an organ that produces estrogen, and if a woman loses her ovaries, her life changes qualitatively, and she doesn’t even feel like a woman.After wang sha watched the program, comparing her own experience, she suddenly realized that the program was talking about herself.She had a terrible thought. Was there something wrong with her ovaries?Now she had to make sure she didn’t think she was sick, but after listening to the show, she thought it might have caused the way she was.She rushed to the hospital and had her ovaries examined.She told the doctor about the changes she had undergone after giving birth and what she had been through.Doctors took x-rays and determined that, instead of having two ovaries, she now had none.Both ovaries have been cut clean!The doctor doubted that she would ever have a baby, but she assured him that just five years ago she had given birth to a daughter.If she can have a daughter, then her ovaries are not a problem.However, now her ovary did not, as the main body of her ovary, do not know how the ovary is not?Wang Sha looked at the medical records of caesarean section when the doctor felt incredible, the doctor still asked her, in addition to the last caesarean section, there is no hospital opened your chest.She said no, she just had an operation when she was having the baby.The doctor said that you quickly go to the hospital where the baby was born and check the hospital records. Is there any information about your ovaries on them?This is not normal, women’s ovaries are very important, even if there is a problem with the ovaries, they will leave a part of it, let it do its work, it will not be cut so clean.She went to the hospital to look at the records.She saw the word “oophorectomy” on her chart, and the hospital explained that her ovarian cancer had changed and could metastasize if it wasn’t removed in time.If the cancer cells metastasize, your entire life is at risk.So when she gave birth, the attending doctor, Han Caixia, removed her ovaries.Back then, it was her husband who signed it.Han Caixia, the attending doctor at the hospital and her husband’s classmate, told her.Should we believe what Han Caixia said?She didn’t believe it.Because if they are really sick, why they have not perceived, and never told themselves, more did not take medicine, do the relevant examination.Oneself still gave birth to a child, explain ovary is to do not have a problem.However, the result is that their ovaries unexpectedly inexplicable no.If be ovarian to have a problem really, should tell oneself before excision?She had a lot of questions.Now she wants to know if her husband knew her ovaries were cut off.If he knew, why didn’t he tell him?And divorce yourself?She got through to her husband.Wang Sha’s ex-husband told a lie. Now they have been divorced for 5 years, she suddenly asked her husband why her ovaries are gone.Her husband says we’ve been separated for five years. What does it matter to me if your ovaries are gone?She said, “I’m in the hospital right now, and I’m holding the record of the birth.”I lost my ovaries during the c-section, and I signed your name on the family line.When her husband heard this, he seemed to remember something, and for a long time he did not speak.However, he told Wang Sha, he and Wang Sha, for the removal of the ovary is not informed.At the same time, he said to Wang Sha, after so many years, can you let me think about it and see what I can think of?In fact, he has already thought of it. The problem is his classmate, Han Caixia, who is now his wife. They got married eight months ago.He thought of five years ago since he took his wife Wang Sha to the hospital to check, give birth to their child, Han Caixia told him, want to get back together with him.However, he refused To han Caixia, he said he had a wife.Han Caixia did not give up, she said a word, she will get he Qiang by hook or by crook.He Qiang thought of here, when really a cold sweat!He did not expect that as a doctor, Han Caixia should have done such a thing.He put the news that ex-wife Wang Sha ovary is excised, told Han Caixia, Han Caixia did not feel accident, they argued greatly.After, he Qiang dialed his ex-wife Wang Sha’s phone, he said he remembered, the removal of the ovarian matter he is aware of, but also his signature.He told Her that he had not told you because I was so happy to have a daughter that I had forgotten it.Why did he Qiang lie?Wang didn’t believe what He said, because just the day before, when they contacted, He said he was unaware that her ovaries had been removed.At that time, he Qiang is very love yourself, so big things, how can he Qiang forget.But why did he Qiang know now?That Han Caixia is his classmate, they can communicate, harm themselves?Now Wang Sha does not know that Han Caixia has married He Qiang.Wang sha found a lawyer to find out the truth.She meant to Sue her ex-husband, He Qiang, for signing off on the removal of his ovaries without her consent.Led to his own misfortune.However, the lawyer told her that it was useless for you to Sue He Qiang, because you were husband and wife at that time and he had the right to sign.However, this is clearly malpractice and you should Sue the hospital.Because the hospital has the right to tell you, and they remove your ovaries without your knowledge, even if there’s nothing wrong with your ovaries.This kind of thing is classic medical malpractice, and you can win.They took the hospital to court, through understanding, the attending doctor Han Caixia has been stressed that when the Caesarean section, she found that Wang Sha’s ovary has been cancerous, there is the possibility of metastasis.In that emergency, she operated on the pregnant woman without informing her, and her judgment was later proved correct.However, in the hospital can not find any records about Wang Sha ovarian cancer change, so, how do you judge her ovarian cancer change?How do you verify that?Now han caixia herself said, there is no evidence to prove that what she said is true.This shows that Wang Sha is a very high probability, is the victim, was artificially removed ovary, belong to medical malpractice, the hospital should pay the victim Wang Sha.Wang was eventually awarded 250,000 yuan in compensation.Han Caixia, who has now been promoted to head of obstetrics and gynecology, was also disciplined.But her job didn’t make any difference. She was also a doctor in the hospital’s maternity department.Wang Sha learned that her ex-husband married a doctor Han Caixia to say that Wang Sha obtained compensation, this matter is over.Wang sha knew she was ill and began to treat her illness, taking estrogen – secreting drugs.However, when she and her daughter get along, her daughter’s words, let her realize that their ovaries were removed is Han Caixia deliberately.Since Wang learned that her ovaries had been removed, her husband came to see her more often, and she thought he might feel guilty about her.The husband kept her company for a few days.Her daughter told her that her father is now married to Dr. Han, and Dr. Han is a good doctor.Wang Sha heard her daughter said her ex-husband’s wife now, is Actually Han Caixia.Now all the truth she is clear, Han Caixia cut off their ovaries, is to let yourself become men and women and women, is to let yourself and her husband divorced, and then she married he Qiang.This, of course, is only her conjecture.She called he Qiang to confirm that now his wife is not Han Caixia?He Qiang says yes, we two are early, high school classmate, we still first love, she did not get married now, I also be single, we two people get married have a problem?There is no problem for them to get married, but the premise is that after Wang sha divorced her husband, Han Caixia could have a chance.Wang Sha again found a lawyer, put their own experience and know everything told the lawyer, the lawyer also feel this thing is too terrible, there may be a conspiracy.Still, evidence is needed.Handwriting identification, let the truth come to light now one of the most important evidence, is handwriting identification, that the ovarian resection document signature, whether wang Sha’s husband he Qiang signed?When the handwriting came back, it wasn’t strong-signed.With this result, Wang sha called the police.The police began to intervene in this matter, they found he Qiang, asked him why to lie?Why would you admit you signed it when you didn’t?He Qiang knew not to hide, he said that his wife Han Caixia let him say so, if not to say so, Han Caixia’s job will not hold.The word is signed by Han Caixia, Han Caixia forged he Qiang’s handwriting.Now the truth is out.Then Han Caixia’s ovaries should be healthy.The police found Han Caixia to understand the situation, she still insisted that he was not wrong, the removal of cancer is ovarian.When the police produced her husband’s statement, the signed receipt, she began to confess.She said she was not willing to break up with he Qiang, do not know why he Qiang insisted on leaving their own.After the university, she has not forgotten he Qiang, did not expect to work, he Qiang contacted himself.Now he Qiang actually married a wife.He took his wife, and he gave her a checkup.She said she hated them when she first saw them, but she didn’t show it.During this period, she expressed her love to He Qiang.He Qiang said it was impossible for them because he now had a wife and a daughter.Hearing he Qiang said so, she thought of themselves to use the position, to destroy their two people’s marriage.As long as she put Wang Sha’s ovary to excise, let her become not male not female person, he Qiang will certainly divorce with her.As soon as He Qiang gets divorced, she’ll have a chance.So, when Wang Sha gave birth, she gave Wang Sha caesarean section, wang Sha a pair of ovaries to cut a clean, so that she did not have the opportunity to secrete estrogen.When she cut Wang Sha’s ovaries, she didn’t tell anyone.That document, she also forged, she imitated he Qiang’s signature.She said that after doing this, she was also very afraid, afraid that one day Wang Sha knew the truth of this matter, but only five years later, Wang Sha still knew.She confessed to her crime!Han Caixia was arrested, Wang Sha and her ex-husband remarried now the truth is out, this is not a medical accident, but intentional injury.The hospital should not compensate, the hospital recovered to compensate Wang Sha 250,000 yuan.Now for han Caixia to pursue responsibility, she was arrested and sentenced to intentional wounding, she was taken to prison.He Qiang also chose to divorce han Caixia.After divorce, he Qiang found Wang Sha, proposed to Wang Sha, because Wang Sha’s misfortune, is indirectly caused by him, he said he should not find Han Caixia to deliver her, now he wants to make up for his wife.Two people raising their daughter together!This ending looks good, after all, evil Han Caixia is due punishment.However, the damage she caused to Wang Sha can never be repaired.Can only say that harm will harm yourself, but also warned us every one of us, harm the heart can not have, guard against others can not be without.