Hsu Fu Chi Food Co., Ltd. once again donated more than 150,000 yuan of relief food to Yanchuan

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Sunshine Daily (reporter Gao Changsheng) On March 30, the Charity Association of Yanchuan County held a food distribution ceremony for Anti-epidemic relief donated by Hsu Fu Chi in Luyao Square.County party committee standing committee, publicity minister Li Sheng, charity association president Gao Fenglan, Civil affairs Bureau director Feng Yongjie, health Bureau deputy director Feng Xiangjun, charity association vice president Wang Ningning, charity association party branch secretary, office director Guo Xiaohong attended the ceremony.Representatives of frontline health workers and some members of the Emergency rescue team attended the donation distribution activity.The event was presided over by Feng Yongjie and Guo Xiaohong read out the condolence decision.County charity association party branch secretary, office director Guo Xiaohong read sympathy decision site to the health system front-line anti-epidemic personnel donated sympathy food 350 boxes, to the thunder emergency rescue team donated sympathy food 30 boxes, 1000 N95 masks, two boxes of Wang Laoji drinks.The county party committee standing committee, minister of the propaganda department of lunt (left) for thunderbolt emergency rescue team gives charity donation card county association of high wind LAN (left) to the health system give donation card county health bureau deputy director feng to the donee comes to speak, to speak of the donee comes feng to compassion enterprise hsu fu chi food co., LTD., yanchuan charity donations, thank!He said all medical staff will do their best to prevent and control the epidemic and protect people’s lives.County party committee standing Committee, publicity minister Li Sheng speech county Party committee, publicity minister Li Sheng made an important speech, on behalf of the county party committee, the county government to Xu Fuji’s good deeds expressed heartfelt thanks to the county’s front-line medical staff, the thunder emergency rescue team’s hard work to pay deep gratitude.He also hoped that the county’s anti-epidemic personnel would continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to protect people’s health and safety.It is hoped that all sectors of society will carry forward the selfless dedication spirit of the Thunder Emergency Rescue Team, which is leading the charge and actively carrying out volunteer services, and make contributions to epidemic prevention and control and various social undertakings.Dongguan Hsu Fu Chi Food Co., Ltd. donated more than 50,000 yuan of love food to Yanchuan county in February, and recently donated another 552 boxes of anti-epidemic comfort food worth 152,675 yuan to Yanchuan.In addition to today’s centralized distribution, the county Charity Association on March 29 in-depth yanchuan county highway intersection epidemic prevention and control points, Yanshuiguan epidemic checkpoint, Ma Jia Dian, Guo Jia Ta kindergarten, the love of food to the frontline epidemic prevention personnel and poor children.Epidemic prevention and control point of yanchuan County expressway intersection visit site maijiadian kindergarten visit site Guo Jiata kindergarten visit site Yanshuiguan epidemic check point visit site