How to do pull-ups?Let’s learn the proper way to do pull-ups

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Pull-ups are one of the few exercises that can effectively train your back without going to the gym.Pull-ups can be done at a neighborhood gym, on a horizontal bar at school, on a sturdy laundry pole outside, or by installing a pull-up stand at home.So here’s the proper way to do pull-ups.1, hands 1.5 times the shoulder width apart, grasp the bar.The palm is holding the bar forward (of course, the reverse grip is also possible), the body naturally drooping, the latissimus dorsi extended, while the toes off the ground, the muscles of the whole body relaxed.2, breathe evenly, then hold in air, latissimus dorsi muscle contraction, while the arm force to drive the body smoothly upward.We want to emphasize here that you don’t have to try to swing your body.You should feel the constant contraction and tension in your back during this process.The legs should be completely relaxed.The hand must grasp the bar, if the grasp force is not enough, easy to lead to tight forearm, affect the result of pull-up.To make this easier, bend your knees and cross your legs to balance your body better.3, pull the bar to the neck position, the arm and latissimus dorsi muscle continue to send force for one second, and then slowly relax, so that the body slowly and smoothly descend, until the body is fully extended, and then repeat the action.When a large number, if you want to increase the difficulty, you can tie the corresponding weight on the leg.For many novices, it may be difficult to pull the bar directly to the neck. Try pulling the bar directly to the neck with an external force.And then hold.Let’s say you start for 10 seconds, and then gradually increase the time as you progress. When you can hold it for more than a minute, you can try again. Generally speaking, one or two regular pull-ups should not be a problem.