‘Fourth dose’ for COVID-19 VaccineHenan disease control experts responded to the authority

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Dong Caihong, Reporter of Elephant News/Photo: “The fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine?”Recently, after the announcement that Henan will carry out sequential immunization with COVID-19 vaccine, many citizens asked, does the sequential immunization mean a fourth dose?Do you still need a booster shot?How to choose?On February 21, Daxiang news reporter interviewed Zhang Mingyu, deputy chief physician of henan Center for Disease Control and Prevention.Not the fourth dose After the announcement on February 19 that Henan would carry out sequential immunization with COVID-19 vaccine, many citizens asked, does the sequential immunization mean a fourth dose?”Not the fourth stitch.”Zhang Mingyu, deputy chief physician of the Immunization Planning Institute of Henan CDC, explained that, simply speaking, sequential immunization is just one more method of COVID-19 booster injection, not the fourth injection.What is homologous immunity?It is understood that the previous COVID-19 booster vaccination in China was carried out with homologous booster, which means that the booster vaccine should be selected with the same route as before.What is sequential immunity?Another choice and name for reinforcing needle.Sequential booster immunization is heterologous vaccination, that is, vaccination with alternative production routes.Currently, there are three production routes for COVID-19 vaccines in China: inactivated vaccines, adenovirus vector vaccines and recombinant protein vaccines.For those who have already received a third booster, there is no need to do so.For some people who need to get a booster shot, there is more than one choice, which can choose homologous strengthening or sequential strengthening of immunity.Who can get sequential immunization?Type the three vaccine manufacturer can choose sequential learned, in conformity with the sequential immune object has three conditions: one is people over the age of 18, the second is 2 through dose of inactivated vaccine immunization, vaccines are its company in Beijing, Beijing sinovac biotech, characters in wuhan company these three will be coronavirus inactivated vaccine in one of them.Third, there was no enhanced immunity, that is, the third injection was not hit.It used to be “unification”, now it’s “mixing”?Many people doubt, before all recommended the same technical route of homologous inoculation, and now suggest different sources “mix”, this is why?In this regard, shao Yiming, a member of the expert group of the vaccine research and development team of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, said that according to the previous experience in the prevention and control of infectious diseases, a single vaccine can deal with conventional viruses, but for viruses that are cunning and good at mutation, different vaccines can be implemented “joint operations”.What are the advantages of sequential immunization?Shao Yiming explained: one is that different vaccines can complement each other’s advantages, and the other is that side reactions can be reduced for some people. Because different people have different constitutions, some people may have more serious side reactions to a certain vaccine, so the occurrence of side reactions can be reduced by changing the vaccine.After the third booster shot, do you still need sequential immunization?Don’t need.Can homologous and sequential booster immunization be performed simultaneously?Just choose one of them.Only those over 18 years of age who have completed the whole course of vaccination for more than 6 months can choose booster shots.