ColdQuanta and Classiq form a partnership to speed up the implementation of 100 qubit computers

2022-07-30 0 By

Cold atom quantum technology leader Col Quanta and Classiq, a leading provider of software platforms for designing quantum algorithms, announced on January 25 that they have teamed up to produce quantum circuits for 100-qubit cold atom quantum computers, providing quantum computing solutions for enterprises and researchers.The new partnership means that the two leading platforms in quantum computing will combine to create new composite solutions to provide customers with the power to build, simulate and run quantum circuits, and to deliver value in areas such as finance, materials science, supply chain and machine learning.Quantum computers are having a transformative impact on a wide range of industries.Quantum computers with complex quantum circuits will be able to solve more complex real-world problems.Quantum bit is the basic computing unit of quantum computer, and its quantity and quality determine the performance of quantum computer.As the number of quantum bits increases, so does the usefulness and complexity of quantum computers.Large-scale qubit computers have great potential for solving broader financial portfolio optimization problems, simulating more complex molecules and vaccines, analyzing more difficult supply chain problems and handling larger machine learning datasets.Through this collaboration, ColdQuanta and Classiq will realize a range of new possibilities for quantum computers in solving complex problems: Classiq’s quantum algorithm design platform makes it possible to create complex quantum circuits by automatically composing and optimizing quantum circuits from advanced functional models;ColdQuanta Hilbert quantum computers will provide the hardware to simulate and run 100-qubit circuits and continue to scale up in the future.”At the moment, quantum computing is moving from running simple circuits on small quantum computers to solving simple problems to running complex circuits on large quantum computers to solve complex practical problems,” says Nir Minerbi, Classiq’s chief executive.There is an urgent need for an advanced platform to support the rapid and efficient development of complex circuits.The Classiq Quantum Algorithm design platform is the world’s first quantum IDE (integrated development environment) to help users focus on what they need to focus on, such as what functions are needed, and automate the creation of designs.We are excited to work with ColdQuanta to usher in a new era of quantum practicality.””ColdQuanta is developing a powerful quantum computer to solve real-world problems,” said Paul Lipman, president of ColdQuanta Quantum Information Platform.Working with Classiq, we will be able to create a simple entry point for customers to easily model and run complex circuits.”About Classiq quantum algorithm design platform provider, committed to changing the quantum software development way.Its breakthrough patented technology automatically converts advanced functional models into optimized quantum circuits for various back-end systems, while harnessing the power of both classical and quantum computers to reduce working time from months to minutes.About ColdQuanta, the leader of the cold atom quantum technology route, is the most scalable, versatile and commercially viable quantum application.ColdQuanta has three business lines: quantum computing, devices and Machines, and quantum research and Services.Its quantum computing division is developing a cloud-based 100-qubit quantum computer, Hilbert 1.0;Its devices and machines division supplies products to quantum computing companies and quantum lab environments;The Quantum Research and Services business supports government and corporate development of quantum inertial sensing, radio frequency receiver and network technologies, and high-precision clock prototypes.Note: This article was compiled from HPC and does not represent the quantum outpost view.